We helped a team of genetic experts make their own unique imprint on five individual audiences.

InformedDNA guides patients and providers through the appropriate use of genetic testing, helping save lives and focus care plans. They came to us with a website that had grown unwieldy, and tried to do too many things for too many people.

The challenge? Speaking to health plans, health care systems, job seekers, health care providers, and patients — without losing anyone along the way. Whew!

Fortunately, we love a good challenge. You might even say it’s in our DNA.

Carefully decoding the structure of a robust organization.

We started with the basics, conducting workshops with their leadership team to identify the pain points of each of their core audiences. After developing buyer personas and the value propositions associated with each, we developed a new site map. We made it clear and easy for patients and providers to reach their respective portals.

That gave the site breathing room to speak to the core audiences — payers and systems looking to partner with the number one provider of genetic counseling and expertise.

Counseling genetic counselors through brand development.

Can fun and genetics mix? InformedDNA wasn’t sure. Their highly engaged team collaborated with our (fascinated) content director to establish a strong brand voice. The results resonated strongly with InformedDNA, helping them hone a brand with tremendous authority and a healthy dose of fun.

And why was fun important? InformedDNA is powered by genetics experts who work from home all around the nation. They needed a website to communicate the strong sense of community and engagement they foster while providing flexible work opportunities for professionals in the field of genetics.

It’s also important to communicate that science is cool. And what they do is especially cool!

Using touches of movement to convey a sense of wonder.


Much of InformedDNA’s website is a tool to support their sales team. We set them apart in their industry through clever touches of animation and movement that communicate the organization’s forward-thinking approach.

And we didn’t use animation for the sake of animation. It guides the user through the content on a deliberate journey.

The result? A modern, engaging site that gets the job done and solidifies InformedDNA’s place as thought leaders and innovators.