We defined a city, standing out in a saturated crowd of lookalike sites.

The St. Pete EDC is tasked with attracting businesses in core industries. When it comes to everything St. Pete has to offer, it isn’t a tough sell. The challenge was creating a web presence with expected economic development corporation function — and personality and beauty to capture the unique vibe of the Sunshine City.

In short, St. Pete didn’t want to be like everyone else. Because this city isn’t like any other. 

Our team, composed of many St. Pete natives, jumped on the opportunity to tell the city’s story to key decision makers, and grow the city we’re proud to live and do business in.

Carving out the narrative of opportunity.

St. Pete is all about opportunity. When developing a content strategy for the EDC, we identified what prompts business owners to move to St. Pete, and what inspires our existing business leaders to grow and connect with others.

Quality of life was a key thread, but we wanted to communicate it without leaning on tired notions of live, work, play. Our solution? Eye-catching headlines and beautiful photographs that appeal to the heart as much as they appeal to the head.

Modern design for today’s business leaders.

The leaders of tomorrow are climbing their way to the top, and we needed to appeal to their well-honed sense of style.

We used a Swiss Modern approach, with elegant white space and thoughtful chunks of copy. Carefully curated photos establish the mood of a city that inspires leaders and creatives.

Delivering facts and data in an elegant, surprising way.

As an economic development corporation, the St. Pete EDC couldn’t throw the facts and numbers by the wayside. We needed to include them in ways that stayed fresh and engaging — without conflicting with the unique storytelling vibe of the site.

Our design team developed beautiful infographics and eye-catching data displays that put the right facts in front of the right people without skipping a beat.

A functional experience that retains the spirit of a great city.

Though St. Pete is a renowned tourist destination, it’s also home to a thriving business and innovation corridor, and the arts center of the Southeast. We took on the challenge of promoting why it’s amazing to work here without delving too deeply into recreation and travel imagery and messaging.

The result is a hybrid EDC website unlike any other, and perfectly fitting for a thriving city like St. Pete.