We leveraged deep ties to higher education to digitally transform Tampa Bay’s most celebrated learning institution.

The minarets atop the University of Tampa have been an architectural landmark of Tampa Bay for decades, and the university’s academic program is equally renowned. They needed a fast, responsive agency to bring their outdated and complicated website up to the speed with today’s students.

Our first assignment: analyze the current site and present a plan for improvement.

University of Tampa had seen significant growth over the years, and its website had grown along with it. However, new pages and new information were added without a clear, strategic intent.

We dug into the massive site, mapping out the existing structure and matching each page to an audience need. Then, we outlined an entirely new sitemap, information hierarchy and content strategy based on current and prospective student personas. The result is a user-centric digital experience that allows every student to find what they need quickly.

Design and development earn extra credit for creative utility.

One critical aspect of the new site was a responsive design, as research at the time indicated that students access the university website on mobile and tablets more than desktop.

Working in tandem with the content team and key stakeholders within the university, our design and development team built out a robust, flexible infrastructure and an elegant, contemporary design that reflected both the university’s prestigious legacy and its bright future.

To better serve the audience, each main navigational section of the site is uniquely designed with the end-user in mind, highlighting the gorgeous photography and videography, while maintaining an intuitive navigational structure that guides visitors to their goals quickly and easily.

The new website also includes modular content elements like photo and video galleries, tabbed boxes, featured content and callouts, and varied list formats that allowed the content producers to easily organize pages in a user-friendly and useful structure with no web design experience necessary.


New site puts university at top of class and top of students’ minds.

The new site launched in August 2015, and the effect was immediately apparent. Visitors spent more time on the site, bounce rates dropped considerably, and organic search visits increased by almost 15% year over year.

They have high standards. We’ve got the smarts to meet them.

Our partnership with University of Tampa is built on mutual respect and a shared love of learning. As the university continues to grow, we’ll develop new ways to showcase this bright, shining jewel of the region’s higher learning sector.