Full-funnel marketing delivered 110% increase in monthly leads for SaaS company.

GoZone WiFi is a WiFi marketing product that secures a company’s network, captures customer data, and functions as a powerful digital marketing platform.

With three major competitors already on the market, and new ones popping up every day, they knew their platform had value and why they were different – they just weren’t sure how to craft and amplify that message to potential customers. They turned to Big Sea to help position their Smart WiFi suite of products and get that messaging in front of more qualified prospects.

We developed a slick brand presence with a human voice.

GoZone’s competitors had polished, modern brands and websites, so we started there. We explored the questions, pain points, and motivators for their separate audiences, and the insights we gleaned drove our content architecture and web design.

Then, we modernized their brand elements to appeal to the small business owner, the C-suite of a large enterprise, and their reseller partners. We rewrote their copy to present complex information in clear language and created custom illustrations to complement each moment in the audience’s journey.

We built lead-generation pipelines for their two, very different audiences.

A new brand and a new website were just the beginning. GoZone also needed to generate new business, and fast. GoZone’s sales team was hard at work landing huge national deals, but they also needed a pipeline of small and mid-size businesses, as well as a steady influx of resellers.

We built a series of tools and content offers that gave small business owners easy entry points into the buying funnel. Keyword-rich pillar pages, white papers and ROI calculators provided real value to potential leads, while our SEO and paid media strategy targeted small business owners of specific venue types.

Content offers are great, but they’re just the beginning. Our ad strategies funneled users from their first touchpoint to a second offer, and finally to a guided demo opportunity. Remarketing scooped up those who visited the site but didn’t convert. MSP or small business owner, at every engagement we anticipated a lead’s next pain point or question, and resolved it through valuable content and authentic, people-first messaging.

Content marketing, social media, and custom thought leadership build awareness and reputation.

GoZone’s executives and sales team continue to attend industry events and networking opportunities, and needed to beef up their online reputations for social selling campaigns. We developed custom LinkedIn calendars so GoZone leaders are engaged with their audiences and sharing insights into the WiFi industry, while longer custom LinkedIn articles provide thought leadership to establish their expertise and keep them top-of-mind.

We’ve also landed them multiple press mentions and write-ups in business publications that help with building authority and search engine rankings.

An interlocked sales and marketing strategy nets powerful results.

The results have been incredible as we continue our partnership and grow GoZone WiFi’s business.



Partnering with Big Sea has supercharged our marketing efforts. Their team applies passion and creativity to each idea and project, acting as a true partner and invaluable arm of our business. Well beyond marketing and design, their work informs strategic business decisions – backed by data and driven by real people.
Elizabeth Weddle, Director of Marketing

We’ve built success together on a solid foundation of connection.

The GoZone WiFi and Big Sea teams are in constant contact, with weekly check-ins, lunch dates, Twitter chats, and Instagram stalking. Mixed in with all that fun, we seek out and explore new opportunities to engage, educate, and delight their audiences. Camaraderie and collaboration set the tone for an engagement that’s all about constant learning and iteration.