We helped the leader in service contracts and structural home warranties refresh their brand and messaging.

Service contracts and structural home warranties aren’t what they were 20 or even 5 years ago, and Centricity needed to marry old-school experience and service values with a brand that speaks to today’s digital way of life.

We developed a brand strategy and new website that empowers Centricity’s clients to develop stronger relationships with their customers. Cohesive messaging and carefully curated photography set the stage for developing partnerships with retailers, manufacturers, and builders.

Building a strong foundation through research and discovery.

Centricity recognized the value of well-developed branding and messaging and brought Big Sea in for a Wayfinding Workshop with seven members of its leadership and marketing teams. (Read more about this process.) Our team led activities and lively discussions that gave us clarity around Centricity’s buyer personas, customer pain points, and their buyers’ journeys. We revised their mission statement together and developed a roadmap for the future.

Our discovery phase gave us insight needed to revise their website messaging and design to better connect with their unique audiences — without sacrificing cohesiveness.

“The biggest change we wanted to make was adjusting the site to be more reflective of our newly developed brand and messaging,” says Marketing Manager Kelsey Cowan. “We wanted the site to be a true case of a ‘first impression’. Additionally, having a concise and clear message about what we do was a huge focus.”

Developing clean, intuitive information architecture.

As is the case with many organizations, Centricity struggled with speaking to multiple audiences with one website. We needed to solve the challenge of funneling people into the right areas of the website without losing a cohesive brand story.

We opened with Centricity’s refreshed identity. A strong call-to-action drives leads into the funnel on every page. The two core client audiences quickly self-select and learn more about solutions that apply to them.

Big Sea patiently learns your business and truly takes the time to understand your goals and respects (and welcomes!) feedback. We feel like we’ve gained more members to our team and value their partnership as much as our own clients.Kelsey Cowan, Marketing Manager, Centricity

Customer-focused copywriting.

We revised website copy to better communicate Centricity’s core message and brand. Our agile process empowered Centricity’s marketing and leadership teams to give feedback early and often.

“The Big Sea team excels at collaboration! Not only do they make themselves available and open, but they’re great at leading sessions and asking the right questions to discover some of the deeper information that our team could easily skip over,” says Kelsey Cowan, who participated in a series of collaborative work sessions to develop and revise website copy.

A blog gives Centricity a platform to share helpful information with consumers and educate business leaders on retail trends and advancements in the homebuilding industry.

Sourcing images that tell the right story.

We were on the same page with Centricity from the very start: No tired stock photography, no whitewashed imagery. It was important to both teams to represent all American homeowners and consumers through carefully selected images. Sourcing stock photography is a challenge — but it happens to be one of our favorite challenges.

Without custom photography to select from, we developed vision boards and libraries and worked collaboratively to find the right images to speak to Centricity’s clients and their clients’ customers. Centricity’s custom photoshoots filled in the gaps, allowing us to spotlight some of their interior spaces and employees.

Lean, responsive design and development.

Centricity will continue to evolve with the rapidly shifting landscapes of smart home technology and retail. To that end, it was critical to develop a lean website with an intuitive content management system. We built on WordPress and trained the Centricity team on how to update copy and key messages. Centricity’s users are always on the go, and our mobile-first design ensures that the site is elegant and easy to navigate regardless of screen size.