We brought one of the world’s finest automobile collections up to (digital) speed.

The Revs Institute for Automotive Research is an automobile connoisseur’s dream destination. Researchers and enthusiasts the world over come to the institute to view hundreds of the rarest and most historically important automobiles ever built, as well as access the automotive research library containing over 7,000 titles and 300,000 photographs.

(This place is amazing.)

When the institute approached us to build a website that appealed to researchers and scientists as well as connoisseurs and gearheads, we buckled our seat belts and started our engines.

Utility and vision fuel high-octane design.

The Institute had an existing website, but its limited focus on research and scientific study did not match the museum’s new vision. For the first time since the institute’s inception, the museum would open to public tours and the world-class library would be digitized.

This meant the site needed broad appeal without oversimplifying the material.

We adopted a tone, structure, and style that spoke to the mind and the soul of every automotive fan and aficionado. As part of the fully responsive experience, we created interactive car fact trivia animations to engage visitors.

A content management system built to scale.

As the Institute digitized its vast library, the new site had to scale up. We built into the site a place to spotlight each automobile in the collection, complete with photo and video galleries, and important facts. The site can grow, elegantly, as the collection does.

Visitors can now see the relationships among all elements of the collection—the automobiles, the artifacts and ephemera, the books and documents—and develop a deeper understanding of both the collection itself and automobile history as a whole. It’s very fancy.

A custom ticketing system to preserve the integrity of the museum.

The automobiles at the Institute are exhibited without barriers of any kind, so we needed a way to control ticket sales and prevent overcrowding.

We built in an online ticketing and guided-tour reservation system, which helped the Institute control the number of guests in the galleries at any one time. It also offered a more enriching museum experience by encouraging users to sign up for docent-led tours.

The results? A win at the finish line.

The Revs Institute is one of the three premier automobile collections in the world and the best in the US, so it wasn’t surprising that news of the opening gained national media attention. The new site’s analytics mirrored all that excited buzz.

The new online ticketing system enabled the Institute to manage and schedule visitors just the way that they had hoped.