SEO-focused content strategy boosts orthopedist’s new appointment requests by 50% YoY and top 10 keywords by 75% in just months

Alexander Orthopaedic Associates is a multi-location orthopedic surgery and care center with locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. They specialize in outpatient surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation for patients suffering from orthopedic injuries.

Big Sea has been helping Alexander Orthopaedics with their digital marketing since 2018, and our efforts continue to compound. Their competitors took notice and increased their own search marketing effort. Despite offering premier orthopedic treatment and care, Alexander Orthopaedic was getting buried below competitors’ pages in online search results due to a lack of investment in keyword-optimized web content.

With the number of surgeries and treatments that Alexander Orthopaedics offers, we knew there was potential to elevate the site as a subject matter expert that hosts informative content on the various injuries and conditions that they specialize in treating.

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