MONTKUSH is a family-owned organic CBD farm and producer based in Plainfield, VT.

They create organic, solventless CBD tinctures and full spectrum CBD, CBDa, and CBG products. Known across the U.S. for the high quality of their products, MONTKUSH turned to Big Sea for help launching a new website under a tight time-crunch for an industry trade show.

MONTKUSH owner, Anthony Sullivan, standing on his farm

Launching a website under pressure.

MONTKUSH’s greatest challenge was building a new website for a huge industry trade show with 25,000+ eager visitors and competitors. When MONTKUSH turned to Big Sea for help, they had just over one month before the big reveal. Their existing website lacked the functionality and customization MONTKUSH needed to develop their product lines and fully represent their brand.

In addition, the site lacked a cohesive look and feel, along with unified messaging. MONTKUSH needed help taking their existing assets and transforming that into a distinctive brand to set them apart in the CBD industry.

Our website is the crown jewel of our brand. Without Big Sea’s help in giving us the foundation for success, we would have been dead in the water. They easily managed the different expectations of our executive officers and kept in constant contact with me as a result. Our communication was powerful in the respect that we could have candid conversations while still fostering mutual respect and understanding… a trait that is many times overlooked, but one that is far superior to any other. We have nothing but positive feedback for our entire experience with Big Sea.
Noelle CrovoNoelle Crovo, MONTKUSH

MONTKUSH Shop page on iPad

Creating a custom website and cohesive branding with time to spare.

Starting with little more than a logo and a photo library, we worked with the MONTKUSH team to create branding and a cohesive identity for the new website.

Our team tackled the technical aspects of the site while fleshing out the brand’s core messaging and the vibe MONTKUSH wanted to convey to CBD enthusiasts. We worked closely with the MONTKUSH team to flesh out their unique vision and selling points.

Through full transparency and active communication, we built a website that fully captured their brand in time for the big tradeshow reveal.