Like most designers, I’ve had an artistic mindset since before I can remember. My parents got called into parent/teacher conferences in grade school because I was drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles during class. The itch to create never went away. I was formally trained in Graphic Design at International Academy of Design and Technology and received my degree in 2010.

Since then, I’ve worked for advertising agencies, startups and, of course, digital marketing firms. I love that the design and tech landscape evolves on a practically daily basis, because the positive gains that occur through adapting and learning something new is more addicting than the latest HBO series.

I attribute my growth as an Art Director and designer to constantly surrounding myself with people who are smarter than myself. This is an easy thing to do at Big Sea. We push each other to never take the easy path and make sure each and every project we work on gets the grit it deserves… even if it is a blue-masked turtle named Leonardo.

I love living in Florida and identify myself as a Floridian even though I was born out of state. These days, you can find my wife and I chasing our two little boys all over town. And when it’s college football season, the whole family represents Florida State.