My primary role here is to steer the communication strategy of all of our projects: guiding creative and content decisions, leading marketing campaigns, and helping foster the creativity, camaraderie, and collaboration that keeps us all engaged.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, another in Visual Art, graduate work in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, with a concentration in Strategic Communication. I learned how to code before it was cool, and designed and developed websites full-time for the first ten years of my career. Knowing what is truly possible makes discussing projects with clients–and delivering on those discussion–so much easier.

I started my career at Eckerd College, where I was a part of a complete rebrand of the college, as well as hiring and building their first digital marketing department. I moved on to a traditional agency where we worked with national nutraceutical brands (think GNC shelves) and a lot of B2B. I oversaw all of their digital marketing — from media planning and email marketing to complete web builds.

I sprung out on my own with Big Sea officially in 2008, although I’d started taking freelance clients as early as 2000. Since then, we’ve worked on local, regional, and national brands to help them develop a digital voice.

I love Florida, but I miss the snow. I grew up in Wisconsin, skiing almost every day of winter until I moved away. While I love the beach, I miss the mountains every winter and vow that my daughter will learn to love and accept snow. If you’re a potential client near a ski resort, you better believe I’m going to find a reason to visit should we start working together!