thomas kelly

I have always been into computers. Dad brought home an Apple 2 clone when I was about 5. I learned everything I could from working with it, and then I took it apart to learn how it worked. I’ve been repeating that same process ever since, though now I’m a lot better at putting the machines back together.

I have over fifteen years experience in technical support and systems maintenance. I started in high school, fixing computers for friends and family and slowly growing my own technical support business. I joined Think Tank in 2012, and was happy to become part of the Big Sea crew. I manage the hardware, software, systems integration and infrastructure, as well as maintain compliance, address business recovery issues and provide consultative technical support when needed. My diverse experience with systems has led me to be comfortable working with Windows servers and LAMP stack servers, VMWare, iOS and more than I can possibly list here. Basically, if it’s a computer, I can fix it.

When I’m not deciphering the matrix that defines our digital reality, I’m usually plugged into a video game or tinkering with an old computer system. I’m always interested in learning more about technology, so I also read a lot of journals and even watch DEFCON presentations and TED talks on YouTube. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology from University of South Florida Tampa. Fun fact: I once held a highly endangered Florida staghorn coral and transported it down 3 flights of stairs.