My playground is software development; I wrote my very first QBASIC program at age 7. After four years at University of South Florida preparing to be a doctor, I shifted gears to Computer Science. Learning never stops in software, so I’m constantly reading and experimenting with the latest trends, trying to stay ahead of the curve.

I’ve tailored my career over the past 16 years to be a well-rounded technologist. I’ve been everything from a help desk technician, developer, and project manager, to where I am now, as COO and business owner. I even did an early stint in retail to try to develop my “people skills.” I’ve worked in the corporate world, startups, and small businesses. The greatest lesson from my experience has been the proverbial: hire people smarter than you. It bruises my ego but I’m proud to say that I’ve mastered that skill.

I am a first generation American and hold that honor (along with all my family’s hopes and expectations) very highly. I strive for quality in everything I do — whether it’s tennis, music, collaborating with clients, working with the team, or innovating.