ben savage

There is nothing better than uncovering a new approach, positioning, or audience with a client. Over the past 22 years, I have worked with organizations focusing on growth and helping them unlock these types of opportunities. For the first 12 years of my career, I worked in non-profit agencies focused on community development and creating opportunities for young people. In that season, I learned how to activate someone’s personal passions to further the objectives of the agency. The lessons from those early days have followed me into my time leading marketing efforts. The decision to volunteer, give or support a cause, come from the same place as someone’s decision to respond to marketing campaigns. All decisions are emotional and that requires that we build trust, connect personally, and have consistent character.

My experience includes the execution of marketing campaigns for tech companies, medical practices, retail, B2B, and several other verticals. I have helped a medical clinic grow into the region’s largest provider of express medical care, worked with a retail center that had back to back yearly losses, grow to over 37% profitability, and helped startups create a vision to launch their product into the market. Whatever your marketing goals are, together, we establish the measurement of success and work tirelessly to achieve our shared goals.

When not trying to crack the code on marketing, I’m chauffeuring around my three teenagers, taking my french bulldog Gus for a hike in the mountains, or savoring a bourbon with my wife of 22 years.