We helped an HR outsourcing firm clarify their message and transform their digital marketing efforts.

Corban OneSource provides white-glove HR outsourcing services to brands like Marriot and StarKist. They needed to stand out and clearly communicate their decades of experience and unique expertise in a highly competitive industry.

We re-aligned Corban OneSource’s focus, guiding updated brand messaging and positioning across channels to better align with their services and the nature of their partnerships with customers.

With this stronger direction as a guide, we performed a full website overhaul using a growth-driven design process. We completely revamped Corban OneSource’s approach to digital marketing. An emphasis on niche industries, thought leadership, and strategic ad placements put Corban OneSource in front of a wider audience.

A renewed emphasis on trust

Outsourcing services have a long sales cycle and require a high level of trust in vendors. With trust and credibility as our north star, we set out to clarify messaging, establish a better platform for thought leadership, clean up the user experience, and source stronger, relatable imagery that didn’t scream “I’m a stock photo!”

Developing a new brand and logo

Our overall strategic vision had trust and credibility as the core components. Corban OneSource’s logo was dated. It did not inspire the trust needed to consider their services. Our senior designer worked closely with Corban OneSource’s CEO, Norman LeClair, to develop a brand identity built to make a strong impact right out the gate.

The new brand palette and logo gave our team a jumping off point to revamp the existing website with new photography and an updated design system. We developed iconography and calls-to-action, and form styles that carried the brand’s design throughout the site.

We moved away from standard “business people” stock photography to thoughtful choices that illustrated today’s business community — as well as the diversity that Corban OneSource has committed to within their own organization.

A deep clean to boost website performance and SEO

Every time we embark on a new partnership, our thorough research and discovery phase uncovers unexpected challenges. Some are big. Some are small. Corban OneSource needed the SEO equivalent of a deep clean at the dentist, so we immediately got to work addressing problems that were preventing good leads from discovering all that the HR outsourcing company had to offer.

It wasn’t a simple process. We fixed 116 critical website errors, 4687 warnings, and 675 notices. We disavowed 320 low-quality domains, and removed 258 duplicate or irrelevant pages. The end result? A fresh website ready to welcome warm leads.

Getting the word out

Years ago, Corban OneSource was able to grow their book of business through cold email blasts to large, expensive lists. But times have changed. In a highly competitive space, we had to be very strategic about our ad approach. We developed compelling campaigns speaking to very specific pain points of Corban’s target personas.

We didn’t give up on email entirely. Helpful guides targeted to HR professionals and finance executives draw leads into the funnel. Drip campaigns and a revamped newsletter share Corban OneSource’s strategic blog content and gently nurture marketing qualified leads.

Once we handled the large number of SEO issues, we focused on growth. We created long-form guides, downloadable PDF resources, and optimized service pages. We focused on building quality backlinks and improving technical SEO across the site.

Live chat gives visitors immediate access to the sales team at Corban OneSource, opening another channel of communication — while capturing their email for future nurturing campaigns.

An inbound marketing ecosystem.

We took a stagnant website and dated tactics and transformed Corban OneSource’s digital presence to speak to the right audience with the right message at the right time. The results are better visibility and more leads than ever from the web.

  • 82% increase in ranked keywords within 6 months
  • 123% increase in organic traffic, over the previous 6 months
  • 191 leads generated from website forms — compared to zero the previous 6 months