At Big Sea, we work alongside an office pup (or three, depending on the day). Debating a pet-friendly workplace? Here’s why we bring our dogs to work.

dog friendly office

Dogs relieve stress.

A study by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association shows that employees at pet friendly workplaces are happier, less stressed, more creative, more co-operative with each other, and more productive at work.

Bean the puggle, Frank the Jack Russell, and Petey the Boston Terrier hang out around the Big Sea office. For the most part, they demonstrate how to nap effectively. Occasionally they stop by for some therapeutic petting.

Dogs keep your company in good company.

According to additional research by the APPMA, about 20 percent of all companies in the United States allow employees to bring their furry friends along to the workplace. Not surprisingly, the most common pet guests at workplaces are dogs.


Some of the most successful companies in the world welcome pets at their premises. Google, Amazon and Ben & Jerry’s are renowned for their work culture and employee-friendly policies — including pet-friendly offices.

Dogs help people get along.

In an experiment carried out by Central Michigan University researcher Christopher Honts and his team, researchers brought together 12 groups of four individuals and told each group to come up with a 15-second advertisement for a made-up product.

Some of the groups had a dog with them throughout the experiment while the others didn’t. After the assignment, Honts found that those who had a dog to slobber and pounce on them ranked their teammates more highly on measures of trust, team cohesion and intimacy than those who didn’t have a canine companion on their team.

Dogs teach you that playtime is necessary.

Integrating play into the workday is crucial because it gives your brain a rest and taps into your creative side. Playing like a dog means taking frequent breaks throughout each workday and interacting with those around you. At Big Sea, we know a thing or two about filling our breaks with a round of pinball, plenty of beer and nerd talk.


On days when the dogs don’t show up for work, the silence is almost too loud. By now, we’re all depending on a few tug-of-wars and puppy cuddles to get us through the work day.

Is your workplace pet-friendly?