Let’s set the scene: You need to increase your company’s revenue. Old sales tactics aren’t pulling in leads like they used to, and it’s up to you to fix it. You’ve heard about inbound marketing and content strategy, and while it seems like it could work, you can’t convince the people in charge that it’s worth the time and money to invest into it.

Working in inbound marketing first hand, I’ve seen businesses transformed through good content strategy, and I’ve seen how exciting it is when those leads start rolling in. There’s a good reason many marketers have adopted inbound as a part of their marketing plan.

How to Make the Case for Inbound Marketing

If that knowledge isn’t enough to convince you, let me address some common arguments in a way no one can dismiss – cold hard facts.

“We don’t have the budget for it.”

The initial spend towards inbound marketing makes up for itself in the customers you’ll gain. Plus, the overall ROI is higher with inbound compared to traditional strategies.

“We don’t have time for inbound marketing.”

One of the main goals with inbound is to automate marketing, which ultimately frees up your time. And while more commitment is better, just a small amount of effort can produce results.

  • 70% more leads are gained by B2B companies that blog just 1-2 times per month compared to those who don’t blog at all.

“We can’t hire someone new to take care of this.”

You don’t need to hire someone new, inbound marketing is perfectly aligned for your current sales and marketing teams to work together on it.

“We tried that already and it didn’t work.”

Yes… but how much time did you put into it? Inbound marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s necessary to put in a few months of work to see results.

  • While 16.74% saw increased traffic to their site within only 1 month, at the 7 month mark, 85% saw increased traffic.
  • After 5 months of inbound marketing, cost per leads drop 80% on average.
  • 10% or greater increase in revenue is seen within 6-9 months for companies that automate lead management.

“How do we know inbound marketing will work for our company?”

The facts tell us that inbound marketing simply work for many different types of businesses.

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