An interesting study about the state of email marketing was just published by MarketingSherpa. It’s an annual study, so there’s interesting longitudinal data with which to compare.

Of particular note:

  • Marketers are getting wary of email marketing; or at least, optimisim is more guarded than previous years.
  • Why? Inbox overload. It’s the No. 1 concern of marketers. Also mentioned is the role of spam in eroding trust and lack of budget.
  • Subject lines remain the most important part of your email campaigns, and require testing and thought.
  • Increasing trust is vital for open and conversion rates (who reads your message and who acts upon it by clicking, filling out a form, etc.). According to the article, “increasing trust is a little bit art and a whole lot of science, but it starts with listening to your customers.”
  • Email routinely garners the highest return on investment and is the most used online marketing tactic, yet lacks a specific budget line-item in most cases.