We digitally transformed our favorite progressive community radio station.

WMNF is a listener-supported community radio station with a progressive slant. Featuring a diverse schedule of news and music programs, the station turned to Big Sea to help build a website and mobile apps that enable constituents to listen, learn, and support them wherever, whenever.

Setting the dial for great user experience.

It’s no secret that WMNF is all about community, and so are its listeners. These loyal fans and brand evangelists deserved a space they could call their own. We gave it to them in a website with essential features like:

  • A custom live-stream player
  • Integration with their program recorded archives
  • An interactive and mobile-friendly program schedule
  • A custom event and ticketing solution
  • Station news and updates
  • Social media feeds
  • And of course, ways to get involved or support the station financially.

Then, we turned up the feel-good vibe to 11. We wrapped all this action-oriented utility in a playful design with a fresh, colorful theme, clever navigation icons, and a few just-for-fun design details.

Mobile app: Music & news that move with you.

Radio is no longer confined to a car stereo or boombox. The listeners of WMNF were eager to tune in anywhere and everywhere. And these are no passive listeners, so we built an app that provided them with everything WMNF had to offer.

The app broadcasts the channel live, but it also features content archives, a show schedule, breaking news stories, and an events calendar.

There’s also a tip jar, because community radio can’t happen without community support!

A radio active partnership.

We have tremendous respect for the hard work the folks at WMNF do, and we show it by committing ourselves to their success at every turn. WMNF fills the airwaves with impactful stories, breaking news, and messages of peace, creativity, and local activism. Through our partnership, we share those stories with listeners anywhere and everywhere.

After a year of working daily on our website, wmnf.org, I’ve grown to love the website even more than ever. It functions intuitively and smoothly; contains little touches that continue to delight me and users of the site; and feels like a site that will be high-functioning for years to come and will still be modern and relevant. I can’t imagine that we could have found a better partner in building our website than Big Sea.
—JoEllen Schilke, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator