Leveraging LinkedIn for Nonprofits and Museums

With over 190.1 million members in the US (and growing!), LinkedIn is a powerful tool for nonprofit and museum marketers looking to expand their mission, grow their community, and ultimately drive donations.

But how can they use this platform to reach the right people? Let’s take a look at several ways to leverage organic LinkedIn to compliment your museum marketing efforts.

Start with why

While many nonprofits saw record-breaking donations during the pandemic, the past year has normalized donations back to 2019 levels. New ways to connect with your community and donors is essential to maintaining engagement and interest in your organization.

So why LinkedIn? For one, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with a younger audience. Our nonprofit and museum clients are working hard to attract a younger donor base, and over 78% of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 18-34. A whopping 84% of millennials donated to charities in 2021 — and LinkedIn is overwhelmingly where they spend their time.

Learn and grow

LinkedIn isn’t just about broadcasting messages; it’s also about making connections and learning. Whether you’re involved in the marketing, development, or programming of your organization, you’ll find a community of leading experts in your field sharing volumes of tips, trends, and ideas to make your work better.

Follow those leaders to learn and grow, and when you’re ready, share a little of the behind-the-scenes magic of your success, too. Building your own following doesn’t require a budget or advanced marketing degree – just start commenting and sharing!

Share stories of impact

It’s important to remember that when using social media platforms like LinkedIn people don’t want to just be constantly asked for money or donations. Instead, share stories of the impact of those donations. Stories help to create emotion around your cause and encourage people to act.

Use this platform to share stories about the impact of not donating, too. What happens when the problems your organization solves are left unchecked? And definitely don’t forget about those personal stories of impact from staff members or volunteers. People want to feel connected and inspired by what you are doing – let them in on the journey!

Work with an agency that knows museum marketing 

Make connections

Great development professionals know that 99% of the work of fundraising happens before the ask, and LinkedIn is a great place to identify and connect with possible donors. You can use the platform to build meaningful relationships and keep connections engaged with your organization.

Don’t forget referrals, too – if your direct network can’t always help, they’re often willing to share and connect you with people who can.

Share your collections

Another great way for nonprofits and museums to use LinkedIn is by sharing stories about their collections or original research relevant to your mission. Whether it’s about a piece of art or a historical event or a global trend,, these stories have an incredible amount of power to engage people on this platform.

Share articles, research, videos and behind-the-scenes content that showcases your expertise and thought leadership, and you’ll find engaged supporters who also want to support your financial needs.

Be strategic about posting

When posting on LinkedIn, think quality over quantity – post often but also post effectively. What you post should provide information, entertainment, or peak interest

It’s all about finding balance. Your goal is to keep people interested, entertained, and informed. Share articles, research, and stories that showcase your organization’s expertise. Find ways to bring value before asking for money or donations but also keep things interesting enough so people will stick around.

Use new ways to engage potential donors, like sharing videos or images, and using the platform’s features like polls to gauge community opinion or get feedback directly from members.

Be thoughtful with your ask

Just like any other social media platform, you must share value before asking for anything from your audience – including donations. Do not use LinkedIn as just another avenue for pushing out donation requests constantly; if people get tired of hearing it, they will tune out quickly.

Instead, focus on creating meaningful connections with those who are likely already aligned with your mission and build relationships with them first before making any asks for money or resources.In the long run, it will also help to create a more sustainable and engaged community of supporters.

Work with an agency that knows museum marketing 

LinkedIn is an incredible platform to build relationships with potential donors and create meaningful connections through storytelling. It can also reward you with an ongoing education in the trends of the world around you.

Need help finding your voice on LinkedIn? Let’s connect; we’re experts in nonprofit and museum storytelling.