Consumers perceive your brand through your organization’s values, mission and goals — and the reality of how you deliver your experience to consumers and engage with the world.

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The same is true of your future employees (and the people who care about them).

Enter: Employer brand management!

Your employer brand is what your current, former, and future employees think of you. (And what they’re saying behind your back.)

Employer branding is how you communicate and embody your company culture: the who, what, why and how behind the reality of working with you.

By nurturing your employer brand, you tell your prospective talent who you are and who your ideal candidates are. You also illustrate what it’s like to give 40+ hours a week to your mission, and why doing so makes for a fulfilling, smart career choice.

If you do this right, and you’re true to your core values, you’ll demonstrate why you’re where    top talent thrives.

Why should I own my employer brand?

Your employer brand already exists, whether you’ve been paying attention or not. Be it positive, negative, or somewhere in-between, people are already talking about how they perceive you as an employer and as a member of the community. Your customers are already talking about you. You may already be featured on recruiting and company review websites. (Go ahead and check; we’ll wait.)

Your employer brand affects the caliber of employees you attract, how long they stay, and how engaged they are. Your employer brand empowers your people to be evangelists for your company.

By taking ownership of your employer brand, you take charge of the innate competitive advantage you have just by being you.

A strong, authentic employer brand does the work for you.

  • Attract and connect with the best and brightest talent
  • Transform employees into evangelists
  • Show your consumers they are supporting a company that cares about its people
  • Verify your mission and values to your customers through your culture
  • Relate! Show your human side regardless of your industry
  • Grow as an employer by exploring the reality of your corporate culture

At Big Sea, we get fired up about employer branding, because it dovetails so seamlessly with our wheelhouse—digital marketing. Much of the research and soul searching that goes into identifying the core of a consumer or B2B brand supports attracting and retaining top talent.

Make a commitment within your organization to devote as much time to developing your employer brand as you do to your marketing. You’ll be amazed at what a deep dive into your values, processes, and the happiness of your people will reveal—about who you are and where you want to be.