I’m sitting in my hotel room in NYC, almost ready to start packing up but not quite ready to say goodbye.

You see, it’s been an amazing trip.

I’m still riding a buzz that comes from geeking out with fellow nerds over $1400 meatfest dinners and after-party beers. We talked about client woes; project constraints; where WordPress is going and why Drupal is so much more complex than it should be. We talked about the future of our industry and why we’re so excited to be a part of it. About the very little history we have on which to build our practice and process. About finding our way in the sea of constant changes and opportunities.  About our kids and spouses and home offices.

These aren’t just other fellow nerds though.  (This is where it gets good.)

These friendly faces are the leaders in our industry.   They’re the people who wrote the books.  Who carve the paths and blaze the trails (even if they don’t realize it).  Who spend their free time exploring the limitations and breaking down the walls and teaching our up-and-comers.   And here they are, sitting around a dinner table with other speakers, conference attendees and even a few volunteers – and me.  Wow. 

I’m floored by their humility and accessibility.  I’m honored to have shared the stage and a bit of my knowledge.  And I’m ecstatic to be a part of such a supportive community that recognizes that success for us as individuals is directly correlated to the success of our industry as a whole.

If you want to check out my slides (which are probably only partially useful without my copious notes and insightful, funny comments (yes, they were hilarious thankyouverymuch)) then here you go.