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How do you compare to the top museums and aquariums?

We researched the top museums and aquariums in the United States to see how they stacked up when it comes to metrics like traffic, website performance, estimated spend on paid digital ads, and keyword rankings.

Why does it matter?

Google doesn't care who has the biggest whale shark or the most Degas sculptures. You have to measure up to show up in search engine results when guests are looking for something exciting to do with family and friends.

Name of FacilityOrganic Traffic (Monthly)Branded TrafficKeywordsBacklinksPages
Maui Ocean Center22,70013,6007,10017,200352
Mote Marine Aquarium35,50013,00019,400508,0001,979
Detroit Institute of Arts63,50028,00035,200357,0006,996
Cleveland Museum of Art68,50032,50048,300924,0009,690
Dallas Museum of Art71,70038,80041,100208,0008,057
Mystic Aquarium72,10053,60011,100173,000497
USS Midway Museum73,50035,60014,100181,000475
Minneapolis Museum of Art79,20027,80049,300493,00014,422
Denver Art Museum89,30054,80034,600181,0004,239
Florida Aquarium99,10067,5008,90081,000235
Ripley's Aquarium123,00054,90010,200105,000369
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas132,00064,20019,100297,000995
Philadelphia Museum of Art197,00076,90091,0003,800,00015,546
Sea Life Aquarium217,000123,10038,0002,100,0001,766
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art219,000124,90050,300961,00013,645
Columbus Zoo & Aquarium224,000166,30030,20041,200918
National Aquarium231,000144,80037,100353,0001,861
Museum of Fine Arts235,00088,800163,3002,100,00047,208
Shedd Aquarium249,000217,40029,100174,0001,399
National Gallery of Art294,00060,400128,7004,500,00022,384
National WWII Museum309,00052,70068,80028,500,0003,135
Art Institute of Chicago321,000172,000190,8003,300,00050,034
National 9/11 Memorial & Museum344,000195,30034,400171,0003,345
Kennedy Space Center366,000200,30022,900267,000506
Monterey Bay Aquarium372,000207,00045,7004,100,0001,230
Getty Center388,000200,300206,20011,600,00040,515
Georgia Aquarium491,000266,40051,658394,0002,103
American Museum of Natural History656,000234,000220,5005,100,00019,844
Museum of Modern Art1,200,000382,800313,9007,300,00052,983
Metropolitan Museum of Art1,600,000488,800564,5006,700,00092,633
Smithsonian Institution5,100,000124,3001,485,48989,000,000229,228

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