Finally! Google Adwords has expanded their character limits on text ads. Instead of having to come up with a clever way to attract customers in 3 separate lines, you now have twice the space to show off your cleverness.

Here’s a quick breakdown on what you can expect from the changes.

Google SEO Chart

What are the benefits of the Google adwords change?

While you’ll now have more copy to write, this change comes with a lot of opportunity to improve your ads and start converting more people.

More prominent and attention-grabbing headlines and copy

With more room for a headline and a longer description line, you’ll be able to more accurately describe your product, services, or offer. Think of it as more space to pull on the emotional heart strings of your potential customers or to convince them to click!

Automatic Display URL

You used to have to manually enter your display URL, which could keep your ad from being approved if there were any discrepancies. The new Adwords will automatically pull the display URL so the chance for mismatched URLS is minimized.

Improved Quality Score

With the new update and the room to use more keywords, you’ll have a better chance to improve your Quality Score, the more important metric in Adwords. If you have a low Quality Score, your ads won’t show.

Higher Click Through Rates

We’re seeing a higher CTR for our client’s new expanded text ads compared to their old text ads. Searchers are getting more immediate information than ads that haven’t expanded their copy, so our ads are getting the clicks!

We’ve already seen improved results for our clients. One in particular had a 4.55% CTR for the last 4 days of the short text ads. The same ad, expanded, has seen 9.09% CTR in the first 4 days since the change. That’s a big jump and we’re excited to see the continued progress!

You better make the change now, because as of October 26, 2016, you will no longer be able to create or edit the old text ads! Plus, you have the chance to jump on it before your competitors do.

Make sure you’re prepared for the changes with a thorough audit of your campaigns and account diagnostics. And guess what? You don’t even have to do it yourself! Our PPC team will give you a free analysis to let you know how your account measures up – no strings attached!