SEO Overhaul and Website Redesign Increase Leads by 250%

Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) is a packaging reseller, distributor, and custom manufacturer based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

They came to Big Sea with a pretty serious problem: they were managing multiple domains and conflicting web properties, and their main site needed a major overhaul to meet the demands of modern users.

The company was also bogged down by outdated — and even counterproductive — SEO strategies. Their website was actively hurting their business, and they needed a trusted partner to step in and help.

Big Sea approached the problem with a total overhaul. We rebuilt their main website, consolidating messaging and marketing efforts, and doubled down on a powerful SEO strategy to repair their rankings and introduce them to a much wider customer base.

RTP Website overhaul abstract image

Part 1: A Complete SEO Makeover

SEO isn’t a one-and-done project. To properly optimize your web presence for search engines, it’s essential to regularly update your strategy to uphold SEO best practices. Between Google’s algorithm updates and growing user expectations, Big Sea helps organizations stay on top of these expanding standards as a part of our SEO services.

Before coming to us, RTP was struggling to rank despite being a leader in their industry. Throughout their content, they were employing old-school, blackhat SEO strategies. They owned different domains and had multiple similar websites, and all of these domain properties were linked together. Years ago, having more traffic might have been considered advantageous by some in the SEO world, this strategy is now vastly outdated and not at all beneficial to your search engine presence.

In fact, it was actively hurting RTP’s search traffic. SEO is constantly changing, and it’s important to keep up with the latest practices and requirements, as old tactics can have negative effects on your whole website if left undealt with.

Untangling this web of linked domain properties was like untangling a string of multicolored Christmas lights: it’s hard to see each light as more than a blur until you detangle the whole string. After we identified and sorted through the linked domain properties, we worked with RTP to execute one of the biggest web page redirect strategies we have ever completed. It was critical to maintain the content from the existing properties while streamlining it all and sending it to one location.

Part 2: Website Redesign

We dedicated a full, in-house development team to redesigning and rebuilding RTP’s main website. We approach every web design project with a focus on the customer by incorporating user data and the buyer’s journey into how we design. This led us to creating an extensive product database to make it easier for customers to find what they were looking for. Having a comprehensive inventory of their products was critical for them, as they wanted the website to serve as an online resource for those seeking information on the range of reusable packaging products available in the market today.

So, we collaborated with RTP by manually migrating and tagging 4,000+ unique products, and product pages, with an extensive tagging system — this way, all products could be sorted in a way that makes sense for the user. Their original website only provided six product categories and no search feature.

RTP website before and after the update

The new website has sixteen categories for products, as well as a search function. We also sorted everything by industry and applications on their website in the header, so that there were three different ways for the user to get to the product they are looking for.

In addition, we migrated all product pages and marketing materials to their revamped website, and optimized content and page information for modern SEO best practices.

The Result

Our team came together to create a streamlined RTP website by effectively and efficiently completing a huge 301 redirect, domain consolidation, messaging alignment, and a product page migration. In doing so, RTP unified their brand and digital marketing and dramatically increased their revenue from online sales. With the extensive product database built by Big Sea — featuring thousands of products, customizations, and tags — RTP’s organic traffic surged. Overall, results include:

  • Significant increase in lead generation from the website’s extensive product and service catalog — a 250% year-over-year increase
  • Nearly double sales and revenue from the company website
  • A new, intuitive, 4,000+ product database, with search and tagging functionality for product type, industry, application and more

“Big Sea helped us streamline the many different websites and domains that we had into a single, new and improved website, with very robust search functions for our product catalog. Since launching the new website, we have seen a huge boost in organic traffic, as well as overall revenue driven by the site.”

-Justin Bean, Sales Manager, RTP

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