How SEO-Focused Content Strategy Grew Traffic 597% Year Over Year

Florida Physical Medicine, Tampa Bay’s premier automobile injury medical practice, came to Big Sea with a problem: people don’t know who to turn to after getting hurt in a collision. Dealing with auto insurance is a very different process than typical medical insurance situations, so people in need are often turned away from their own doctors who don’t treat auto injuries.

The smart team at Florida Physical Medicine knew they needed a new website, but we knew they needed more than that. They needed to be a resource to people in pain and stress after a car accident. And to achieve that, they needed a content strategy.

Developing a brand story and content strategy from day one

We began our engagement by meeting with the core team of physicians across Florida Physical Medicine’s four locations in Pinellas County. This gave us crucial insight into not only how their practice operates, but how they personally feel about treating patients. We could tell right away that these physicians cared deeply about helping people get back to their everyday lives after pain and injury. We quickly identified a need for new photography and video to move away from tired stock photos and help locals get to know the warm, welcoming physicians that sat around the table with us.

Florida Physical Medicine had a story to tell — a story about healing. We collaborated on brand messaging that made it clear that their practice was not predatory but genuinely helpful to those navigating insurance woes and injuries.

Creating a user-centric website flow

During our kickoff and brand workshop, we determined what potential patients needed to accomplish upon visiting the site. By developing user personas and digging into pain points, we also uncovered multiple entry points — all of which needed full content strategies to support not only SEO but genuinely providing the information patients needed to feel better faster. It was clear that issues like neck pain, PTSD, and headaches plagued many victims of car and motorcycle accidents.

A beautiful website that attracts relevant traffic won’t get you anywhere without effective lead generation tactics.

Building a stronger presence on social media

Many physicians are too busy to engage on social media, and they miss the boat on an effective way to boost medical practice marketing. We identified which members of the team had an interest in contributing and provided consulting and initial setup to get them more involved on LinkedIn. We set up a LinkedIn page, a Twitter account, and a Facebook page for the practice. We also tapped those who wanted to contribute articles and video content to the website. Our content strategy dictated what to share on social, from traffic updates to tips for recovery.

Establishing strong lead generation tactics

A beautiful website that attracts relevant traffic won’t get you anywhere without effective lead generation tactics. Content strategy must pair with thoughtful methods to get users into the funnel.

High contrast call-to-action buttons, easy appointment request forms, and multiple points of entry for new patients gave Florida Physical Medicine the power to not only attract leads, but convert them into patients. We implemented heat mapping upon launch to optimize conversions month over month as traffic began to grow.

Kicking the content strategy into high gear

Thanks to a rapid-fire growth driven design process, we were able to quickly launch a sleek MVP for the practice. That freed us up to develop microsites, pages, and blog posts focusing on major symptoms and injuries resulting from car accidents. It was incredible to learn how many symptoms can arise directly after — and long after — a car accident.

We tapped into the caring processes at Florida Physical Medicine to write content to help patients quickly identify ways to get help. Long-tail keyword research informed every step of the process, and within weeks of launch, the needle began to move. Whiplash after car accidents and headaches after car accident keywords deliver in the most traffic — and subsequently the most patients. As leads rolled in, we had the satisfaction of knowing they’d be in good hands.

The results

  • In Q3, at the beginning of our engagement, the client had 1,902 sessions. In Q3 the following year, the client saw 13,270 sessions.

That’s 597% growth year over year.

Thanks to this incredible increase in organic search traffic, Florida Physical Medicine is able to grow leads and has seen a huge increase in new patients without relying on any paid social or search.

Their willingness to invest in helpful, patient-centric content gave them an edge over competition and helped them rise to the top as a local resource for anyone suffering after a car accident.

Want to learn how we can create content that delivers new patients to your medical practice, day after day? Reach out. We’d love to help.