Multichannel paid social campaign for Fortune 500 SAAS client achieves 5x ROI

Our client changed the face of software development with their enterprise Linux operating system. With an open source foundation, they’ve led the industry with an ongoing rollout of transformative products like hybrid cloud infrastructure and agile integration. In short? They’re smart cookies.

The Problem

Boosting Lead Generation

The client needed a media savvy partner to amplify their lead generation efforts. With account based marketing leads slowing down, they sought creative, low-risk solutions to bring more sales qualified customers into the funnel and close more business. That’s where we came in.

The Solution

Maximizing ROI

To deliver an incredible return on investment, we had to start at the foundation: CPL. We quickly identified that lowering the cost per lead and targeting a more strategic audience would empower the client to reach more qualified leads — and see their ad spend dollars stretch much further.

Build a foundation for paid social campaigns in personas

Our strategic approach began by working closely with the client’s sales and digital marketing teams to develop 7 core personas across a matrix of core product lines. By centering personas around titles, skills, and job functions, we created a framework that not only guided messaging, but guided targeting with laser precision.

Social content with real impact

In the tech space, lead generation content has to provide concrete value — quickly. We coordinated with the client to identify content across the spectrum from awareness to action, focusing on downloadable premium content related to each core persona’s unique needs.

Connecting audience to channel

With a highly specific audience in mind, we developed a channel strategy to target concrete attributes related to each core persona. Auditing and iterating on creative allowed us to quickly map over 1000 ads to persona, channel, and journey stage. This gave us a dynamic system to set the stage for optimization and gave us the data we needed to hone in on paid social, with campaigns running across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and DemandBase.

ad sets for paid social campaign based on personas

Constant improvement

A successful media campaign relies on strategic optimization. Forget plug and play — we conducted regular audits and used automated systems to amplify top-performing ads and quickly pivot from what wasn’t landing with Red Hat’s intelligent, driven audience.

Precision reporting

Despite running a high volume of ads, we were able to hone reporting and optimization down to the individual ad level, making CPL transparent and accessible from launch to wrap-up.

cost/conversion graph for our paid social campaign

Ongoing iteration

After pausing ads that didn’t hit our determined CPL limit, we ran them back through creative to adjust or decommission them. Any revisions were quickly assessed using the same standards of performance driving the campaign.

Strategic paid social campaign hierarchy

Our ad-level performance tracking allowed us to structure targeting across four levels. This structure enabled us to keep ads running across all platforms without needing to pause an entire campaign to iterate.

  • Platform
  • Audience
  • Asset
  • Ad
The Impact

The Impact of our Paid Social Campaign

Our client not only saw immediate success from this campaign, but quickly grew their spend 15x to maximize the results of the campaign.