If there wasn’t a hashtag, are you even married? After all, 82% of weddings use a unique hashtag. If you don’t have one that combines some witty combination of names, you’re in the minority.

Companies take note—you have a lot to learn from the way couples plan and promote their nuptials.

While couples may not be consciously showcasing themselves as a cohesive brand, most unknowingly brand themselves, and they do it well. Spouses-to-be are onto something, and businesses should take a closer look. Here’s how to take wedding planning and apply it to your next marketing plan.

Do your research.

No matter what stage your company is in, research is important. It pushes you to stay aware of what is happening in your industry and to stay on top of trends.

Couples research venues, caterers, videographers, and everything else that goes into a wedding. It’s not just about price. Engaged couples choose to work with those companies that represent the way they want their wedding to feel.

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Research your customers the way couples research their vendors. How do they behave online? Where do they hang out? What do they think of your business? What are their pain points?

Pay attention to your color scheme.

Will you convey quiet beauty and be minimalistic? Or will you be glamorous and modern? Spouses-to-be understand the power of setting a tone with color. Use color to set the tone for your brand.

Wedding color schemes extend from the invitations, to the clothes, to the event decor. Your business should keep its brand consistent throughout your marketing collateral and web presence… It’s not about looking pretty, it’s about brand recognition.

In a study called impact of color on marketing, researchers found that up to 90% of the snap judgments made on products are based on color alone. Color influences mood, but you can’t rely on it to evoke a singular emotion. Personal experiences, upbringing, cultural cues and more all influence our perceptions.

So how do you choose?

Adriana Generallo, Creative Director at Big Sea, shares, “To avoid falling into color stereotypes when developing a brand, a business should ask itself how their target consumers will perceive a particular color. Businesses should consider their industry and the brand personality they want to convey.”

Generallo suggests reviewing the 5 Dimensions of Brand Personality, where you might choose a color based on any one of five personalities.

Get social.

If your friend is getting married, believe me, you’ll know about it. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can broadcast almost anything you want.

When soon-to-be married couples share their wedding journey, they don’t just post a picture of the big day. They share the little moments that happen along the way. One of the reasons pre-wedding photos are so popular is because viewers feel personally invested in the couple.

It’s not just the couple. 90% of millennial wedding guests share photos or posts about the wedding day on social media. Think about what your business can do to make people talk about you.

Maria Mora, Content Director at Big Sea, encourages brands to show their personalities in authentic, honest ways. “Take your customers deeper than you would with traditional marketing content. Show them the human beings at the heart of your brand. And if you want them to talk about you, be remarkable.”

Harness the power of video.

It’s not enough to capture a couple walking down the aisle anymore, now wedding videos are highly-produced, Oscar-contender productions. In the moment, camera phone images have their place (and we suggest sharing them as much as possible), but high-quality professional photography and videography are necessary in the age of visual content.

It’s worth it to invest in professional photography or to hire a film crew when you can. Having a bucket of pictures and videos is useful when you want to create a Facebook Ad or post a nice Instagram image.

If this sounds like a lot, we won’t lie. It is. And you don’t even get to wear a pretty dress or get presents.

It takes a design-oriented eye and a lot of help to throw a wedding (or to brand a business). If you’d rather focus on the business side of things, we can help with the rest.

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