The fun thing about working in digital is that everything can change in an instant. (This is also a potentially scary thing about working in digital.) Sometimes things outside of your control change quickly and you need to adjust accordingly.

HubSpot is making a major change next month you need to be aware of. They’re making a hard switch from oAuth 1.0 to oAuth 2.0. To prepare for this, our HubSpot for Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress will be going through a major overhaul in the next few days.

We will soon be releasing version 3.0 of our popular plugin, and while we make every effort to keep these kinds of changes invisible to you, you may experience some glitches or errors on your site.

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What does this mean to you?

First off, we want to always provide the best product possible. Some of the code base that we’re currently using is no longer compatible with oAuth 2.0, and we will need to upgrade the codebase that connects to HubSpot. Unfortunately, this update will not function on sites using older PHP configurations. This means that you will need to be using PHP 5.5 or newer.

If you’re unsure what version of PHP you’re running, Gravity Forms makes it super easy! Just go to your WordPress Admin panel, go to Forms > System Status on the sidebar, and search the page for “Server Environment.” As you’ll see in my example, I am running PHP 7.0.12

If you do not have PHP 5.5 or greater, or you do not have access to that section of the admin panel, you’ll need to contact your System Administrator to help.

SSL certificates, you, and a surprise bonus.

Next, HubSpot’s authentication URL requires you to redirect to a secure URL (https://) that has a valid SSL certificate. This means that  your site must already have an SSL certificate or you will be unable to authenticate your account and continue using our plugin. All plug-in users will need to re-authenticate their account and use oAuth 2.0, and that requires a valid SSL certificate. We may build a workaround for this further down the line, but for now, we’re keeping things controlled within the plugin itself.

The silver lining? Google ranks sites with SSL certificates higher, so upgrading will give you an SEO boost.

At Big Sea, most of our SSL certificates are purchased from, and we install them via cPanel, or other administration access to the server. If you need to, please contact your System Administrator to install one!


We’re releasing a new plugin update (v2.3.5) to warn all users to ensure these potential site-breaking issues don’t arise when we we release version 3.0 of our HubSpot for Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress.  Make sure you :

  • are running PHP 5.5 on your server or greater
  • have an SSL certificate in place

What happens next:

When we launch v3.0 of the plugin, you’ll need to upgrade your copy and then go to Forms > Settings > HubSpot and reauthenticate your account using the new oAuth method. Everything else will carry over!

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be keeping a close eye on our Plugin Support forum to help you along.

EDIT: Updated PHP version requirements from PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.5 due to a requirement shift.