RJ was born in 1981, naked and screaming. After overcoming these obstacles, he graduated from University of Florida with Bachelors degrees in Media Production and Philosophy. He has been heavily involved in computer science since childhood, and began coding at the age of 8 on his Commodore 128. Since then, he’s moved on to bigger and better things.

Over the years, he actively developed a right-brain creative approach to business marketing and a highly logical left-brain mindset for digital marketing and analytics. Over the last 10 years, he’s worked with Atlantic Records, Major League Baseball, Humana, Redbull Flugtag, and countless businesses in the real estate, medical, financial, entertainment and software industries.

RJ is a full-spectrum growth marketer focusing on conversion rate optimization, B2B SaaS Marketing, lead generation, and SEO & PPC Management.

When he’s not working, he’s typically out visiting museums, going to flea markets, watching old movies, or spending quality time with his wife and family.