I knew I’d make a good office dog, because I’m a well-behaved buddy at home. Companionship, friendliness and obedience are in my DNA (literally), so it was a natural fit for me to become a canine greet specialist.

My human Adam started bringing me into the office about two years ago. I welcome everyone who walks through the door, but if you’re shy around dogs, I respect that. I also help the Big Sea crew stay positive and motivated. Morale is a big part of my job. Need a break? Toss me the ball and we’ll play. Having a rough day? Let me sit in your lap and you can scratch behind my ears. There, doesn’t that feel better?

When I’m not at Big Sea charming the dickens out of everybody, I’m usually hanging out around town with my human family. Whether we’re at the beach, the dog park, or chilling at a local brewery, I’m always the life of the party.