I built my first real website circa 2001 and my interest in web design and development has been evolving since then. I am a primarily self-taught developer with an expansive skill set. A multi-linguist coder, I’m equally comfortable working in HTML5, Sass, PHP, JavaScript or any number of others. I am also well versed in screenprint design, print preparation, and creative logo design. Like I said, I balance my two great passions–web development and design–to build the best solutions possible.

I’ve been involved in the graphic design industry since 2000 and exclusively working in web since 2005. My career has run the gamut when it comes to the creative field. I’ve done everything from volunteer teaching 3D modeling and animation, to creating and applying wraps on everything from boats to buildings, to writing jQuery plugins. This dual experience has made me the guy that happily flips between designing the user interface you see and the hidden functionality behind it.

When I’m not helping the Big Sea team craft stories through code, I’m out and about exploring St. Pete with my significant other Heather, or at home with our 4 cats and our bearded dragon named Spike (all of which have their own Instagram). We enjoy traveling, golfing with friends, gaming and helping out with our local antiwar friends St. Pete For Peace whenever we can. Kindhearted, social worker mom + analytical, former NASA engineer dad = me.