Picture of Carrie Baltrusis, office manager for Big Sea

I wear a lot of hats here: Office manager, quality assurance specialist, event coordinator, receptionist, office mom, ice cream recipe developer, snack procurement specialist, sales assistant. I’ve been affectionately referred to as The Glue, and I hope that sticks. (Ha!)

My career has taken me on a true journey, from studying in Tennessee to teaching myself HTML in 1995 by picking apart the guts of websites I liked. I was an early adopter to blogging back in 1996, and taught myself Flash animation and actionscript. My fascination with the web led me to designing websites and UI/UX for custom software, which led me to digital marketing. I’ve been a Creative Director and an Art Director, and all of my roles have always tied to one particular thing — people. I love cultivating relationships, helping others succeed, and making connections.

My background gives me unique perspective into what our team needs, and I’m always happy to pinch hit or share feedback as a veteran of building web experiences and marketing strategies. When I’m not at work, you can find me exploring the Tampa Bay area with my daughter — usually on or by the water.