We fostered an Aromatherapy empire by converting shoppers to students, and students to shoppers.

Stillpoint Aromatics sells high-quality, hand-curated essential oils and accessories. Stillpoint Studies offers classes in Aromatherapy, folklore and energetics in Sedona, Arizona. Stillpoint came to us with big goals: Increasing revenue, growing brand awareness, and cross-converting.

We developed a long-term game plan starting with revamped websites to bring their renowned businesses into the digital age.

Weaving two websites — and two audiences — together. 

We tackled the two websites as independent projects, but with a shared aesthetic. We started from scratch, creating designs that were user-friendly, responsive and, most important, reflected the instructors’ personalities and deep authenticity.

We custom built e-commerce solutions that made it easier for Stillpoint Studies students to view and register for classes, and easier for the Stillpoint team to hand-pour and ship orders.

We put a spotlight on the incredible breadth of offerings at Stillpoint Aromatics, making it simple and elegant for customers to view the catalog of essential oils and their individual batches and reports.

We owe much of the success of our businesses to our friends at Big Sea. We have been working with Big Sea for the past 8 years and wouldn’t entrust our business to anyone else. The entire Big Sea Team is (f*cking) awesome. They have all the qualities that are important in a business relationship. Integrity, Efficiency, Dependability, Honesty and Incredible Cutting Edge Knowledge. We feel so very honored to be able to work with our Big Sea friends! They have never let us down and have always been there for us… in the middle of the night, on weekends and holidays. We love every single one on the Big Sea Team!
Joy MusacchioJoy Musacchio, MA, LMT, CCAP Stillpoint Studies and Aromatics

Carefully blending tactics to speak to the right audience.

We knew the two Stillpoint entities — store and school — would have some audience crossover, but that didn’t mean the two buyer journeys were identical. Extensive buyer persona research and customer interviews led us to identify separate personas and develop a strategy to convert Stillpoint Aromatics fans into Stillpoint Studies students.

Next, we delved deep into the minds of the buyer personas to extract long-tail keyword phrases and the natural language and tone of Stillpoint customers. These insights helped us to optimize both Stillpoint sites for search engines, adding keywords to metadata, page titles and URLs.

Keyword and persona language research helped us match customer problems and questions to content topics. We developed a content plan that featured the expert knowledge of the Stillpoint owners, written in a voice their fans would recognize and potential customers would understand and respond to.

Customized landing pages, targeted nurture email campaigns, and social media guided prospective customers on their journey from initial discovery through to purchase or registration.

Attracting leads with exclusive Aromatherapy recipes.

With the trail of rich keywords and helpful, inspiring content laid down for prospective customers, we turned to the existing Stillpoint Aromatics customer base. We worked with Stillpoint to develop exclusive recipes to share through email newsletters and social, nurturing their relationship with customers and creating a new path for them to follow, one that led to Stillpoint Studies.

Revamping social media to re-engage longtime fans.

There’s no overestimating the power of community, especially one as loyal and tuned-in as the Stillpoint fans. We knew if we could give them something truly unique and helpful, the fans would happily share it.

First, we increased engagement with infographics, premium content and giveaways to elevate Stillpoint’s presence on Facebook newsfeeds, and light up fans’ interest in the brand. Then, the Stillpoint owners created an exclusive Anti-Anxiety Recipe to share.

Stillpoint fans responded, in a big way. They shared the post over 350 times, which resulted in over 655 new leads.

That’s 655 potential new customers, from one Facebook post.

Reaching out to a wider audience with video content.

Stillpoint’s growth continues, fueled by our marketing success. In response to immense demand, Stillpoint launched online aromatherapy classes. We’ve helped concept, produce and develop the content and platform for Stillpoint Online, bringing qualified Aromatherapy education to those who cannot make the (incredible) trip to Sedona to study in person.