We developed a dining club app to satisfy the appetites of local foodies.

Club Savor is a dining club that taps into St. Petersburg’s active foodie scene. Members get half off entrees and alcohol at a number of the area’s hottest restaurants.

They had the concept. What they needed was branding to make a statement, and an app that delivered. We came to the table with fresh ideas and an agile approach.

What’s on the menu? An appetizing brand.

At the very start, we knew we needed to compete with national “discount club” brands and appeal to the area’s sophisticated diners. Riffing off the founder’s concepts, we designed a logo and tag line that was fun and stylish. We put together promotional materials catering to St. Pete’s thriving restaurant and bar scenes.

This gave Club Savor the opportunity to hit the ground running on sales and relationship development while we dug into the nitty gritty of building a killer app.

Getting all the ingredients right with user stories.

Using the Agile approach to project management, we created a high-level development plan based on detailed user stories and business use cases. We knew we had to create a detailed backend hierarchy and framework to support the incentivized membership referral program, as well as a database of participating restaurants and other critical functionality.

The Agile approach allowed us to ensure those deliverables were met and respond to additional challenges as they appeared.

Design delivers a user-friendly experience.

The Club Savor deals are awesome, but we knew using the app had to be just one small moment in a diner’s experience. The easier we could make it for users to find restaurants, show their ID and get back to enjoying a meal, the better.

We designed a front-end that is clean, efficient and focused on user expectations.

Putting together the recipe for a successful launch.

Every new product needs marketing, and marketing needs strategy. We worked with the Club Savor creators to help define their launch strategy and create collateral including press releases, print, and email blasts. Then we set up Club Savor social media profiles and loaded them up with content.

There’s a delicious future ahead for this partnership.

We’re not just the builders of the Club Savor app, we’re members! We continue to support Club Savor and explore new ways for the team to share content and news with its loyal, hungry audience.