We designed a functional government website that reflects the beauty of the Sunshine City.

The City of St. Pete came to us in need of a new website that not only reflected its beautiful, modern brand but made it simple for residents and visitors to get what they needed quickly and easily. They needed a trustworthy partner to develop a backend worthy of their tremendous amount of content.

A project reflecting passion and evolution.

St. Petersburg is nothing like the sleepy city it was only 20 years ago. With a vibrant city center and a booming creative district and tech corridor, St. Pete is a special place.

Not too big and far from little, it’s a city that inspires and honors creativity. Right up our alley — along with being our home!

Elegance through careful revision.

We audited over 3400 pages of content. (Yes, that’s a lot.) Using tracking data and years of analytics, we took the number of pages down to a much more reasonable 800. We reorganized their sitemap into a user-friendly structure, focusing on the end user instead of dividing content into city departments.

Organizing over 3,400 pages of outdated content into something useful seemed daunting, but Big Sea created structure where there was none and wrapped it in a responsive, beautiful interface that delights our residents. Our new site reflects the vibrancy and vitality of our community while still communicating important messages effectively.
– Nina Mahmoudi, Marketing Manager City of St. Petersburg

A living calendar fit for a booming city.

There’s a lot going on in St. Pete, and a lot of people are involved in those events. We developed a custom events calendar allowing the public to add events in addition to official city happenings. Because St. Pete is a premier destination for travelers, we gave the calendar unique printing functionality.

Now concierges at local hotels can easily print weekly calendars — and residents can quickly find something fun to do.

Unique challenges and a beautiful outcome.

When it comes to the website that represents an entire city, quite a few things need to happen on the home page. We ran into unique challenges around that homepage real estate, with many stakeholders competing for prime content areas.

We worked around this by carefully determining the function of each potential homepage content module and link, and honing the user experience around what was most convenient and important to site visitors.

We’re proud of our city. The website we developed reflects that. The result? A beautiful space worthy of everything St. Petersburg has to offer — and how much it continues to evolve.