As a digital marketing agency, we use tools and software to streamline processes and help us work smarter. Some of those tools reflect and enhance our corporate culture. Tools that automate corporate culture encourage feedback, communication, and team-building. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Here are a few digital tools that make life at work a little more fun.

Feedback is important. gamifies workplace feedback. Employees can give and earn points to buy stuff (for the altruistic, you can also donate money to charity). Everyone sees points, so it’s a great way to appreciate colleagues in front of the whole office. is one of our favorite tools that automate corporate culture. It empowers employees to recognize each other when recognition might otherwise have gotten lost in the day to day shuffle.

Did your PM just give a great presentation? Give them 20 points. Did your office admin help the police catch a purse thief? That deserves 50. (Yeah, that happened.)

At the beginning of every month, point allowances are refreshed. At Big Sea, we start with 200 points, and it’s up to each individual to dole them out as they wish.

Sometimes we thank each other for putting in hard work.

Other times, we recognize each other just for being an awesome person.

(Chasity, our All-Star project manager, got MAJOR points this month as she guided us through our team transitions, AND treated us to her delicious desktop chili.)


Slack is commonplace in most offices these days, and for good reason. Here, it’s easier to discuss a project without disrupting our open office during quiet hours, and it helps keep communication going on days when people are working from home. It’s also much, MUCH better than letting emails get lost in your inbox.

We have a main chat room, where we post all hands messages about meetings, share cool links, or announce donuts in the breakroom. During the Pokemon Go craze (which sometimes had us leaving our desks to go catch a Scyther), we had a slack room dedicated to discussing our latest catches and negging on other teams (Team Instinct forever).

Slack is customizable, with integrations with Trello and other fantastic tools. You can make it work for you whether you’re at a digital marketing agency or an insurance agency.

To keep Slack from getting distracting, we keep Slack quiet hours, which we recognize in the real-world, too. For most of the morning and the afternoon, it’s heads down to get work done.

Digital Marketing Tasks You Can't Afford to Skip

Know Your Company

One of the things I did on my first day at Big Sea was answer questions about myself. Where was I from? What were my hobbies? Did I have any pets? After I struggled to come up with a cool way to say I just liked to eat a lot, I got to see what my new coworkers were like.

It can be intimidating to join a close-knit group, but Know Your Company handles all of those awkward introductions for you. When it comes to tools that automate corporate culture, this one is the best for introverts.

Besides the initial “Getting to Know Everyone” survey, everyone in the company gets a question in their inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Some of these are work related questions about the company, like What do you wish we did differently? Or What projects are you looking forward to working on?

Others are personal and fun, like those that ask for our favorite YouTube video or link, or those that simply want to know Coffee or Tea?

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We tend to stick links we want to share with our coworkers into Slack… where they get pushed up and lost for eternity within the hour. Enter Smarp. It’s similar to a Facebook newsfeed, but without the novel-length posts from your belligerent uncle. Instead, users within your company can share news and industry trends, post inspiring content, and even comment on posts.

And because points make everything more fun, Smarp can be gamified. Points are awarded for participation, which can be redeemed for rewards or donated to charity. This system gives employees an incentive to use the platform beyond the awesome content. We don’t use Smarp, but we have a big crush on them.

We love trying new tools and apps that make our company better. What do you use to automate culture?