And it’s kind of a big deal.

The building we’re in, that is.

We moved in on November 15th, but have spent the past two weeks getting settled.  Putting furniture together, finishing painting, getting signage designed and installed, finding that lost HDMI cable and why won’t the printer work?!?

It’s been a roller coaster, all culminating in our official “press event” yesterday – the grand opening.

We said a few words.  The Mayor said a few words.  A few other important people said a few words.  We gave tours of our new space.  We ate snacks and talked to clients and friends.

This building is unique because it’s a “Net Zero” building.  It’s covered with 90kw solar (photovoltaic) panels (both the roof and the carport).  It’s crazy insulated to help maintain interior temps, including reflective window tinting.  The geothermal HVAC units are the first of their kind.  We’re harvesting rainwater for irrigation of our native landscape.  The building is fully self-sustaining – and it’s pretty impressive.  The first of its kind in Florida, it was built by the great guys at All Florida Management Group.

We’re incredibly lucky to be tenants here.  We share our space with a video production agency, Roundhouse Creative.  It’s a really charged creative environment.  We commissioned a huge mural by local artist, Bask and a really fantastic wood panel installation by Brian Vanek at Renovate & Build.

It’s our dream workplace, really.

The event yesterday was crazy.  We had a few hundred folks here, all buzzing about the building, about our creative energy, about how we’re the future of the creative economy in St. Petersburg.

(No really – listen to the Mayor’s words!)

We’re honored to be a part of this project – and we’re excited to get settled in to our new space, our new neighborhood, and our new zero-energy existence – and to begin to provide our services with almost no carbon footprint.

Think about that:  we’ll be designing and developing websites with almost no environmental impact.   No carbon emissions.  No fossil fuels consumed.

If you want to learn more about our building, visit the website we designed to illustrate its impressive features.

Some of the press about our event yesterday:

We hope you can swing by if you’re ever in the neighborhood – we’d love to show you around.