If your website has more than 5 static pages, you need to think long and hard about where you’re going to host your website.

You’re entering into a relationship that is going to last a very, very long time because seriously?  Moving websites from one server to another is a pain in the ass.  A serious headache.  Incompatible versions of PHP? Check.  Out of sync SVN repositories? Check.  Inability to render filetypes?  New IP requiring reissuance of SSL? Folders of uploaded assets not committed to the SVN repository?

Should I go on?

Everything we’ve encountered is a small problem unto itself;  together they form a huge headache and a couple days of troubleshooting.

So my warning is this:  a web host decision is a much bigger commitment than you might think.

  • Do a little research and read reviews before you make that commitment.
  • Find out how their customer service responds to issues.
  • Is their default server setup compatible with the software you want to utilize (i.e. WordPress)?
  • Does your web design team have any advice?

And if you take nothing else away from this warning, just stay away from GoDaddy hosting.  Please.