FEAST: Inaugural Art Show & Grand Opening of St. Pete’s First Net Zero Energy Building

Featuring dozens of original works by Lauren Rasch, Adam Graham and Danial Ryan. FEAST will offer a buffet of Form, Environment, Art, Sustainability & Technology.

May 11, 2013 from 7-11 pm | RSVP on Facebook →

Hemingway once claimed that if “you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” Hemingway spoke of the Paris of the 1920’s, a city immersed in the confluence of the Arts, a seemingly endless buffet of styles, movements and ideas.  This “feast” was an unlimited, bountiful abundance of the sensual delights of art and innovation.

That spirit of exuberance can be found at FEAST, the inaugural art show and grand opening showcase the new creative studio shared by two of central Florida’s technology and creative up-and-comers, Big Sea Design & Development and Roundhouse Creative Studios.  FEAST will feature original works by three incredible artists, Lauren Rasch, Adam Graham, and Danial Ryan, set inside St. Pete’s very first net zero energy building – the coolest new addition to the Grand Central District.

FEAST – Grand Opening + Art Show from Roundhouse Creative on Vimeo.

About the Artists

Lauren Rasch’s works are emotionally complex in a way that is hard to verbalize.   Simultaneously demented, quirky, chilling, humorous, her work is immediate and visceral.  Language-based, her art reveals, critiques, mocks, and embraces every truth –from scathing sarcasm to the sublime– we’ve ever wanted to speak to all those who comprise our social worlds: ex-boy friends, future lovers, mothers, the person who just cut in front in rush-hour traffic.  Her ability to twist language into haiku-like observations on contemporary life is matched only by the joy of her illustrations, which sometimes reinforce the truth of her observations, and other times act as whimsical counter-points to her language.  Lauren’s work is gorgeous in its visual style as well in its emotional honesty. In the Tampa Bay area, Lauren has exhibited works at such places as the Bricks, SPoT, Blue Lucy Gallery, and the Tampa Museum of Art: Art After Dark.  Her work can currently be found at Even N Odd in St Pete, Salty Not Sweet in Cleveland, Cinda Lou Shop in Westerville, Ohio, with a future solo show at Eclipse in Asheville, North Carolina in August.

Adam Graham’s works are informed by Literature and the means by which contemporary technologies manipulate our cultural understanding of Literature.  His paintings and illustrations include numerous allusions to classic works of Literature and Philosophy, as the themes, and words themselves, are juxtaposed adjacent to one another, to create a visual collage of text and image.  Each work is, in a sense, a thesis-of-found-thought, offering new perspectives of thought via a mashup of the visual and the textual.  Adam has exhibited extensively in the Tampa Bay area including Blue Lucy Gallery, Baisden Gallery, and the Tampa Convention Center.

FEAST’s third artist is Danial Ryan.  To view a work by Danial Ryan is to step into a bizarre, hallucinogenic realm of diabolic Pizza Gods, crazed squid-cat hybrid creatures, occultist bears, a gigantic Randy “Macho Man” Savage towering over new York City, and a well-armed, Paula Deen-cyborg riding a fire breathing great white shark through the Vermont countryside. Danial’s works unify the debris of pop culture into an apocalyptic, yet strangely beautiful, vision.  From Subway Sandwiches to Internet Cats, from Super Mario to the sitcom Arrested Development, from Nicholas Cage to Star Wars, Danial plunges into the mythology of the American consumer experience and resurfaces with works that are enticing, controversial, creepy, funny, mythological and, above all, just plain strange.  Danial has exhibited at the Studio620, Collage Ybor, and the Roosevelt.

FEAST celebrates Form, the Environment, Arts, Sustainability, and Technology.

Clear those calendars, and circle Saturday, May 11, for FEAST promises to be an intriguing exhibition.


Saturday, May 11 from 7-11pm

Big Sea + Roundhouse Creative Studio
1980 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Part of the Warehouse Arts District Trolley Tours and Downtown St. Pete Second Saturday Art Walk


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