The first Earth Day took place 45 years ago. In 1970, forward-thinking individuals already recognized a need for environmental protection and sustainability. At the time, the world wide web as we know it was just a dream.

No one knew the internet would give environmental groups the chance to connect and amplify messages. No one considered the potential carbon footprint of web design and development.

Today, Earth Day is celebrated in almost 200 countries worldwide, and it’s more relevant now than it’s ever been before.

At Big Sea we’re doing our part every day of the year to reduce strain on the environment.

Earth Day isn’t about going green one day of the year. It’s about shining a light on efforts that everyone can make year-round to protect our planet for generations to come. It’s about committing to Earth-friendly habits.

Big Sea design and development

In 2012, Big Sea found a home in the Net Zero Energy Building in St. Pete’s historic Grand Central District. Developed by All Florida Management Group, our building is the city’s first fully self-sustaining building. Rooftop photovoltaic solar panels actually return energy into the city’s power grid. Our electric bill is $0. Pretty neat, huh?


The building is LEED Platinum certified — the highest level of certification awarded to green buildings. Certification takes into account building materials, water use, energy use and impact on the environment. Modern features like concrete floors, low-VOC paint and foam core insulation contributed to the building’s LEED certification.

Big Sea office

Earth-friendly features don’t end there. We use a geothermal HVAC system and tankless point-of-use water heaters. The windows are fitted with thermal barrier tinting, and the landscaping features native plants irrigated with rainwater.

Everyone at Big Sea participates in weekly recycling. You won’t find paper plates or styrofoam cups in our (beautiful) open kitchen. We share responsibility and hold each other accountable for maintaining environmentally-friendly habits and routines.

Our space reflects our business ideals. It’s innovative, responsible and welcoming. But the Net Zero Energy Building doesn’t just make for an ideal workspace. It’s also something our clients can take pride in. We build websites with very little environmental impact.We cultivate a team that embraces environmental responsibility every day of the year — not just on April 22.

Happy Earth Day from Big Sea.