Instagram’s social media takeover is still in full force. First, they took on Snapchat with Stories. Then, Live from Facebook. Now, Instagram is taking on Pinterest. Before you roll your eyes at yet another new Instagram feature, remember that anything that makes the end user happy makes them more likely to engage with your content.

In short, this is more motivation to kill it on Instagram — so your account not only promotes your business but encourages your customers to talk about you and recall you when they’re ready to make a purchase decision.

What are Instagram Collections?

By now you’ve seen the new save button on your Instagram newsfeed (most likely by accidentally hitting it). If you haven’t, make sure your app is updated and then check the bottom right side of a photo in your feed.

If you tap the flag icon lightly you’ll save the photo, but if you hold down you’ll be prompted to add it to a current collection or create a new one. To demonstrate, I created a new one. I snagged an image from the office (did you know it would take 1,464 Peeps to reach the top of the Statue of Liberty?) and tested it out.

instagram collection step 1 instagram collection step 2

Now that it’s saved, go back to your own profile and hit the same flag icon. Now you’ll have access to all your saved Collections. It comes with a warning: “Only you can see what you’ve saved.” (Thankfully.) (That is, if you’re slowly collecting every cat photo on the web.)

instagram collection step 3 instagram collection step 4

What is the point of Instagram Collections?

You no longer need to take screenshots of images you want to save. (And everyone’s done that, right?) Instead of filling your phone storage space with places you want to go or things you want to buy, you can save it to a collection. The feature is reminiscent of Pinterest, and most likely users will use it in a similar fashion.

The Collections are just for the user’s eyes only, but just as Pinterest has enabled both Public and Private boards, Instagram is most likely going to do the same.

Still, there is the creep factor, and saving a barely-friend’s picture to a collection feels strange. But no one will know what you’re doing. (Let’s just hope the private Collections never go public. Again. Cats. All of them.)

How can marketers use Instagram Collections?

Use Instagram Collections as a tool to promote your business. It’s as simple as continuing to update your feed with beautiful photos that reflect the best your business has to offer. With Collections, the goal is to get your images saved so people keep coming back to you.

To get into your users’ Collection folders, start creating content that your fans will want to refer to later. Think how-to videos, local spots to check out, and life inspiration. If you have a Pinterest account, look at what is successful on that platform and apply it to Instagram. (Hint: fewer filters and more natural lighting.) If you have a Business account (and you should!) you’ll be able to see insights on the photo that tells you how many times it’s been saved.

Learn more about Instagram Collections from Instagram’s blog.

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