Get ready for a whole new Adwords. Since it first rolled out 15 years ago, little has changed. But by the end of 2017, you can expect to see a full Adwords redesign when you log on.

While it will still function the way you want it to, it will look better and be a whole lot easier to use. You can expect a more intuitive UX and be able to see a through overview of all account aspects.

The new look is way overdue. In the past, as new functions and options were added to the platform, they were stacked among and within other tools without much thought around ease and usability. Not only that, but so much in the world of search marketing has changed! It makes perfect sense to revamp the platform that so many of us use.


Why now?

After so many years, why did Google decide it was time to redesign Adwords? In their blog post announcing the change, Google says the changes came from feedback from its users. First, they acknowledge that “AdWords should be more about your business, and less about our product.” The redesign focuses on what marketers goals are and what they need to do their job. Another reason – Google wants to make sure the platform is showing relevant information. The redesign will showcase insights that make sense for each user.

Lastly, it will be focused on uncomplicating Adwords, to bring “simple yet powerful tools” that do what they need to without confusion.

What’s changing?

What changes can you expect, besides an overall new look? As we mentioned before, the tools won’t change, but how they look and where you can find them will. There will be no more digging into menus upon menus – you can find what you need on the sidebar. redesign Another big change–the only overview available will no longer be just at the account level. Now, you’ll see overviews at campaign, adgroup, and ad levels. With much more detail and relevant information, you can hone in on exact ways to improve your campaigns. What you see on your screen will be more relevant, for example an option for videos won’t be shown to you if you’re not running a video campaign.

Over the next 12-18 months, some users will notice changes in their accounts as Google continues to test and revamp the platform. And for all of you hoping to get a first look, you should know there’s no open beta, so there’s no need to try and get on the testing schedule.