Inbound marketing gets the job done, but how much work does it take? That’s a reasonable question, and one we’re asked almost as often as we’re asked how long it takes for inbound marketing to work.

Every business needs to know what kind of time investment it takes to strategize and implement inbound marketing. It doesn’t matter if the business is a local mom and pop donut shop or a big corporation. Time is money.

How much work is digital marketing-

Successful inbound marketing strategies require effort

How much work is inbound marketing? There’s no sugarcoating the facts here: Inbound marketing is a significant investment. You can’t fake it until you make it. You need to commit to every stage from strategy to review. And inbound marketing is never “done.” It’s an evolving machine that takes into account what’s working, what isn’t working, and what your individual goals are throughout the year.

The good news? Inbound marketing works.

We recently hit the magical six month mark for a small business client, and right on time, traffic is at an all-time high and that traffic is now converting to valuable leads. Marketing performance is up 57% from the last quarter.

We accomplished that super-boost by focusing on key elements of inbound marketing:

  • We implemented HubSpot for posting to social media, sending emails, creating landing pages, tracking leads on the site, and measuring performance.
  • We gave the site an SEO tune-up.
  • We created landing pages for services and seasonal campaigns.
  • We strategized and wrote blog posts.
  • We ramped up and fine-tuned social media posts.
  • We carefully tracked performance weekly, monthly and quarterly and adjusted accordingly.

If that sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it was. But that work was still more cost-effective than traditional marketing and advertising.

Does your website support your inbound marketing efforts?

Thinking about inbound marketing for your business? Keep in mind that you need an up-to-date, mobile-friendly website capable of converting visitors into leads through forms and friendly, engaging content that educates potential customers. If your site isn’t capable of collecting leads and supporting your sales process, you won’t have a foundation to launch from.

Happy with your site? Then you’re ready to start researching and strategizing.

Be prepared to commit to daily, weekly, and monthly tasks on an ongoing basis. Once you get rolling, inbound marketing can consume you. Schedule specific time to engage in inbound marketing tasks and try not to get derailed and sucked in outside of those times. Spending time on social media to monitor your brand can lead to staring at a bunch of Vines of people falling off of hoverboards if you’re not careful.

Need a cheat sheet?

Want to know where, when and how to spend your time? Download our free reference: 10 Digital Marketing Tasks You Can’t Afford to Skip.

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