Video Content Marketing: 9 Reasons You Need It Now

Let’s be straightforward here: Video content isn’t cheap. That fact alone prevents many businesses from investing in valuable video content. But all it takes is a quick glance at every major social media platform and media hub to know that video is absolutely everywhere.

Until recently, it was very hard to make a connection between video and ROI. Now we have solid data that makes it clear that video content boosts site performance and marketing efforts.

A video play button on the bullseye of a dart board with a dart in it

Why do you need video content marketing?

Understanding how video content marketing could help your business is all about grasping the bigger picture. That is, how many people use videos, what kind of impact video content has relative to other media, and where/when you need to post video content to have the biggest impact.

1. You can do more with less

Sites using video need an average of 37% fewer unique site visitors to generate a marketing response (Digital Marketing Magazine)

2. Video is increasingly synonymous with web traffic

You can’t escape the ubiquity of video these days. In 2022, 82% of all web traffic was video traffic.

3. Mobile users love video

If phone users love something, digital marketers should probably learn to love it, too. A huge chunk of web traffic browses on a mobile device. Smartphone visits are growing at a rate of 68% yearly. (Recode)

4. Business owners value video

75% of executives watch business-related videos online at least once a week. (Insivia.)

5. B2B buyers want video

Not only do business owners value video, but B2B buyers lean toward it as well. Buyers are looking for short, informative videos to help them make purchase decisions. (Demand Gen Report)

6. TikTok is an in-road with Gen Z

Gen-Z can be an illusive audience to capture, but only if you don’t take advantage of video marketing. According to Backlinko, TikTok has 50 million active daily users, with over 37% of Gen-Z logging on at least once a month. (Backlinko)

7. Video boosts email campaign performance

Simply seeing the word “video” in an email subject increases open rates and reduces the number of opt-outs. (Brainshark)

8. Video has major impact

Brands that add video into their content marketing mix show a 66% higher average website conversion rate. (Rocketium Academy)

9. Video boosts your SEO

Video is twice as likely to rank high in organic search than plain text. And users are almost twice as likely to click through. (Brainshark)

Does this mean you should run out and make a video right away? Not really. As with any kind of content, video requires forethought and strategy.

What do you want to achieve with video content marketing?

Do you want to educate your customers about a specific product? Do you want to use a creative video to build brand awareness or good will? Will your video content be highly specialized and service-oriented, or are you trying to strike gold with the ever-elusive goal of going viral?

Will you enlist the help of a video professional? An agency? Are you planning on shooting short videos with your phone and blasting them out on social media?

Video has an amazing ability to influence customer behavior, so it’s very important to know what you want a viewer’s next steps to be.

Every business needs a unique video content strategy. Video needs to speak directly to the right audience. Video needs to be crafted around specific business goals. You can’t wing it.

Work with a team that understands video content

Video isn’t simple, but you can’t afford to ignore it. Instead of approaching video as a challenge, think of it as an incredible tool. Today’s incredibly savvy Internet users are listening. Are you ready to connect with them? If you are, let’s talk about how you can reach them today.