Where You Live (Online) Matters to Talent

It’s become common practice to “Facebook stalk” potential new hires before making the big decision to invite them to the team. Seeing what your prospective team member shares about his or herself on social media is a great way to know immediately if they are a good culture fit, and someone you can be proud to associate with.

After all, they’re doing the same thing to your company — perhaps even before they send in their resume.

Most companies make it a point to have a stellar Glassdoor profile and LinkedIn Company page to attract top talent, but these only scratch the surface.

Smart candidates will dig pretty deep to learn as much as possible about a potential employer. The places you decide to call home in the digital world—and how you decide to use those platforms—can make the difference between hiring like-minded individuals, or square pegs in your well-rounded culture.

You Need to Be Visible

You already know that you need to have a presence in the places your audience expects to find you. That definitely means Facebook, and probably also means Instagram, LinkedIn, even SnapChat. Consider a “Jobs” or “Recruitment” page to give your talent pool specific career-related or employer brand specific updates — information that is directed to your potential employees rather than your customers.

Visibility will also help your potential recruits learn more about your company. They will be able to see how you interact with with world in general. It’s a chance for your company to create a personality and really shine. In turn, you attract talent that shines as bright.

The Effect of Your Employee’s Profiles

You’ve read the stories. An employee makes an outrageous comment on their personal Twitter account, the company faces backlash, the employee is fired or faces some kind of repercussion, and then the company issues a statement and apology.

Why was the company involved if the employee made the statement on a personal social media account, that was not company owned?

Employees are living and breathing extensions of your company.

If your employees are engaged and you have an effective employer branding strategy in place, it won’t be hard for the outside world to pinpoint who your employees are. If an employee makes an unfavorable or distasteful comment it creates a domino effect. Based on that connection, there will be the assumption that the employee’s views are an extension of the employer’s views.

It’s like the saying goes: birds of a feather flock together.

Train employees on the best uses of their social media accounts, especially when they are creating a connection between themselves and your company (create a note in your Employee Handbook for quick reference). It also wouldn’t hurt to create contingency plans, just in case an employee has an online mishap.

All Reviews Matter to Talent

Are you taking the time to write thoughtful and caring responses to reviews – both good and bad? Does your client-facing team have a warm and approachable attitude towards all customers and clients? The answer should be a loud and proud, “Yes!”

Positive, constructive responses will leave a warm and fuzzy feeling with anyone who interacts with your company. Customers, prospects, and future talent.

Yep, a candidate that loves your brand is going to check to see if you walk the walk with your customers as you do with recruits. A consistent stream of negative reviews without any responses from your company = a big red flag on how your company handles your customer interactions. Respond to your reviews, be friendly and approachable, and maintain a high level of customer service at all times.

Develop a Digital Company Culture

Keep your company’s online presence as up to date as possible. Claim any listings on review sites that are related to your company. Monitor your social media accounts and keep them up to date with regular posts and genuine interactions. Note my emphasis on the word, “genuine.”

Don’t be afraid to go after any awards or accolades that accurately represent your company and the amazing things you have done. (BONUS: Awards and accolades are an easy way to boost your domain authority.)

We recently put a people-first feather in our cap. We were honored to be one of six company finalists for the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s inaugural People First Award.

Get the whole company involved!

Encourage your employees to maintain a digital presence that will uplift the company as well. Once all hands are on deck, it will be easy to communicate your company culture in a way that makes quality candidates want to join you.