How a Strategic Website Redesign Grew Revenue by 1583%

Every time get we started on a website redesign, we sit down with our client and talk about goals. For Stillpoint Studies, the goals were very clear. They wanted to grow revenue by attracting more students.

Meet Stillpoint Studies.

Stillpoint Studies is a school of Aromatherapy and essential oil studies located in Sedona, Arizona. Since 2010, they’ve taught students essential oil chemistry, energetics, folklore, and the synergy between those topics.

At their sister company Stillpoint Aromatics, the instructors curate high-quality essential oils, carriers and accessories. Big Sea has actively helped Stillpoint build and grow their businesses since 2009.

The Goal: Launch a lead-generating website to boost enrollment.

Stillpoint Studies had a website, but it didn’t showcase the level of expertise the instructors of Stillpoint provided in their classes. It was outdated, unsophisticated, and lacked authority.

It wasn’t just the design that was the problem. The site wasn’t optimized for SEO. It lacked a blog, had limited content, and the copy wasn’t created with keywords in mind. We knew that to launch a successful website, we needed to create something that looked visually pleasing, and functioned as an effective marketing tool.

The Website Redesign Strategy: Build a conversion-friendly site with a strong SEO foundation.

After developing buyer personas and conducting keyword research, we focused on creating copy that targeted search terms people actually used. We also built out as many pages as possible to increase the amount of informative, SEO-friendly copy on the site.

It’s more than just getting words on the page—we studied our target market and created pages that we knew would encourage them to sign up for Aromatherapy classes. We added elegant touches like a map of places to stay, and tips on what to do in Sedona.

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How we did it.

We wrote keyword-rich copy.

Each page was created with highly-searched keywords in mind. Without compromising the readability of the content, we used those popular keywords where it made sense and wrapped in the correct tags.

We developed new copy around Aromatherapy classes.

The old Stillpoint Studies website condensed all classes onto a single page. We took advantage of Google’s love of content by creating individual pages for each class. This also gave us more space to fully communicate the value of each class.

The results.

We launched the new site in December 2015, and prior to that we have no traffic analytics. Despite this, we saw a substantial jump in organic search traffic after the first few months that the new site was live (after Google and other search engines had time to crawl the site pages and add to SERPs).

The site saw a 457% increase in organic traffic from launch quarter to the following quarter. And a 2909% increase in traffic year over year.

Traffic means nothing unless it amounts to results, and it did — in a big way.

Stillpoint Studies saw a 1583% increase in sales year over year.

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