5 Best Marketing Grants for Nonprofits [2024]

Marketing is a crucial tool for nonprofits to raise awareness, engage supporters, and drive their missions forward. However, for many nonprofit organizations, securing the necessary funding for marketing initiatives can be a challenge. That’s where marketing grants for nonprofits come into play.

In this article, we’ll explore five valuable grants that can help your nonprofit boost its marketing efforts, adapt to nonprofit marketing trends, and make an even greater impact on the causes you care about. If you’re searching for ways to amplify your nonprofit’s message and reach, you’re in the right place!

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 1. Wavemakers Grant

Big Sea’s Wavemakers Grant is a competitive marketing grant exclusively designed for nonprofit organizations with innovative marketing projects. It provides up to $30,000 of marketing services for nonprofits aiming to create groundbreaking ad campaigns. This year, it runs from November to early December 2023.

Wavemakers Grant recipients get access to Big Sea’s expertise in nonprofit content marketing. This includes helping you refine and define your brand, clarify your message, develop your website, design your marketing materials, and grow your donor community. In addition to financial support, Wavemakers grantees also benefit from networking and mentorship opportunities. This grant empowers nonprofits to turn their unique and impactful marketing ideas into reality.

 2. Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants is a program that provides eligible nonprofits with up to $10,000 per month in free advertising credits on Google Ads. This grant enables nonprofits to increase their online presence and reach a broader audience through Google’s advertising platform. With Google Ad Grants, your nonprofit can create targeted online ad campaigns to promote your mission, drive website traffic, and attract donors, volunteers, or supporters.

The grant is a remarkable opportunity to leverage the reach of Google’s advertising network and make a significant impact in the digital marketing sphere. To determine your eligibility or to find additional information, take advantage of Big Sea’s guide on how to apply for and maintain Google Ad Grant status.

 3. AWS IMAGINE Grant Program

The AWS IMAGINE Grant Program, funded by Amazon Web Services (AWS), has two prestigious grant opportunities available for nonprofit organizations that are utilizing cloud technologies to create a positive impact on society: The Go Further, Faster award and The Momentum to Modernize award. Each award provides nonprofit organizations with valuable resources and support to enhance their IT capabilities and advance their missions.

Awards from AWS Imagine
Awards from AWS Imagine

Go Further, Faster

For eligible nonprofits that need help with specific cloud based projects, The Go Further, Faster award offers up to $150,000 in unrestricted funding, $100,000 in AWS promotional credit, technical support, AWS training, and opportunities for marketing promotion. Eligible projects must have the potential to advance big, repeatable solutions in your industry, and they must use or integrate with advanced cloud services, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, high performance computing, or the Internet of Things.

AWS Go Further Go Faster Award Description
AWS Go Further Go Faster Award Description

Momentum to Modernize

If you don’t have a specific project in mind, but are instead looking to enhance your tech capabilities or streamline operations, you can apply for the Momentum to Modernize award. Recipients of this award have access to $50,000 in unrestricted funds, $20,000 in AWS promotional credit, implementation guidance, training and support, and marketing opportunities. Eligible projects can include database migration, net-new application development, application migration and optimization, or infrastructure expansion, among others.

AWS Momentum to Modernize Award Description
AWS Momentum to Modernize Award Description

 4. The Unless Project

The Unless Project is a grant program that encourages innovative marketing strategies for nonprofits dedicated to addressing critical global issues. Each year, four lucky nonprofits benefit from this grant, which offers financial support, marketing services, and mentorship to help nonprofits amplify their marketing efforts and make a real difference in the world.

As part of the grant program, The Unless Project walks recipients through a 6-step process that includes developing a strategy, building an infrastructure, creating a brand, marketing their mission, ensuring successful delivery to audiences, and analyzing opportunities for continued success.

If your organization is passionate about leveraging marketing for a more sustainable and equitable world, this grant could be a crucial resource to help you achieve your mission and create a lasting impact.

Awards from the Unless Project Grant
Awards from the Unless Project Grant

 5. AWS Nonprofit Credit Program

The Amazon Nonprofit Credit Program helps nonprofit organizations harness the power of cloud computing and technology to achieve their advertising and marketing goals. Through this grant program, eligible nonprofits can access $1,000 in credits (valid for 12 months) for AWS on-demand cloud services, including computing, storage, databases, and machine learning. The grant also gives recipients access to technical support from AWS professionals.

The program benefits nonprofits’ innovation by providing access to cutting-edge technology, which can be used to enhance services, reach a wider audience. It also helps nonprofits to streamline operations, scale their infrastructure as their needs grow, and reduce operational costs.

Free marketing and discount programs for nonprofits

If you’re looking for additional marketing opportunities for your nonprofit, marketing discount programs can offer cost-effective marketing solutions and tools. These programs often provide nonprofits with reduced rates or even free access to various marketing resources, such as advertising credits, email marketing services, CRM software, and website development. They help nonprofits optimize their marketing efforts while staying within budget constraints.

To get you started, here are three marketing discount programs your nonprofit can use to access valuable resources and tools, enhance your marketing strategy, and reach your audience more effectively.

1. YouTube Nonprofit Program

The YouTube Nonprofit Program is an initiative by YouTube that offers nonprofits access to premium features on the platform. It includes benefits like donation cards, live streaming, and increased visibility. You also get access to YouTube Creator Academy to help you build video content and technical support. These tools enable nonprofits to raise funds, engage their audience, and share their mission through compelling video content.

2. Hubspot for Nonprofits

HubSpot for Nonprofits is a program that offers many advantages to nonprofits. This program gives nonprofits access to HubSpot’s marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools at a discounted rate. These tools empower nonprofits to streamline their marketing efforts, find contacts and engage supporters, and manage relationships more effectively, making a more significant impact on the causes you’re passionate about. Let Big Sea help you navigate the ins and outs of this essential marketing tool.

3. Mailchimp Nonprofit Discount

If you’re looking for email marketing services at a discounted rate, The Mailchimp Nonprofit Discount might be ideal for your organization. The program provides a 15% discount to eligible nonprofits and provides tools and resources to create engaging email campaigns, build and manage contact lists, and effectively communicate with supporters, donors, and stakeholders.

Where can I find more information about marketing grants for nonprofits?

When it comes to unlocking the full potential of marketing services and grants for nonprofits, Big Sea stands as a reliable resource and partner in your journey. Start your exploration by visiting the Big Sea website, where you can find additional information about The Wavemakers Grant and inquire about additional marketing grants for your nonprofit.

You can also find information about marketing grants for nonprofits through various channels like granting organizations, nonprofit associations, and grant databases, such as Grantwatch, Grantstation, or Foundation Directory.

Marketing Grants for Nonprofits FAQs

What is a marketing grant?

A marketing grant is a financial assistance program provided by various organizations, often government agencies, corporations, or foundations, to support nonprofit organizations in their marketing and promotional efforts. These grants can take the form of funding, advertising credits, or access to marketing tools and services. They enable nonprofits to enhance their outreach, engage their audience, and achieve their missions more effectively.

What are the best marketing grants for nonprofits to apply for?

When nonprofit organizations are seeking the best marketing grants to support their mission, Big Sea’s Wavemakers Grant stands out as an exceptional choice. This grant focuses on empowering nonprofits to create innovative and impactful marketing campaigns, offering funding of up to $30,000. It’s an excellent resource for organizations looking to pioneer groundbreaking marketing initiatives and make a significant difference. If you’re a nonprofit with a unique and compelling marketing idea, the Wavemakers Grant could be your ticket to making waves in the world.

How do I write a winning marketing grant proposal?

To write a winning marketing grant proposal for your nonprofit, follow these key steps:

  • Research Opportunities: Thoroughly research grant opportunities and choose those aligned with your mission.
  • Define Clear Objectives: Ensure you have clear goals and expected outcomes for your marketing project.
  • Create a Compelling Narrative: Craft a persuasive and concise narrative about your nonprofit and its impact.
  • Add Budget Details: Provide a well-structured budget plan, showing how grant funds will be used.
  • Provide an Impact Statement: Highlight the potential impact of your marketing project on your cause.
  • Include Supporting Data: Use data, metrics, and success stories to reinforce your proposal.
  • Follow Guidelines: Adhere to the grant’s guidelines and deadlines.
  • Proofread and Review: Ensure your proposal is error-free and has a strong, coherent structure.
  • Present it Professionally: Format your proposal professionally and make it visually appealing.
  • Get Feedback: Have others review your proposal for feedback and improvement.

Remember that writing a compelling grant proposal is a critical part of the grant application process. Tailor each proposal to the specific grant’s requirements and focus on demonstrating the impact your marketing project will have on your nonprofit’s mission.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when applying for marketing grants?

Common mistakes to avoid when applying for marketing grants include:

  • Not thoroughly researching grant opportunities and their alignment with your nonprofit’s mission.
  • Failing to follow the grant’s specific guidelines and deadlines.
  • Providing an uninspiring or unclear narrative about your nonprofit’s mission and goals.
  • Neglecting to use data and success stories to support your proposal.
  • Submitting a proposal with errors, typos, or an unprofessional appearance.
  • Using a one-size-fits-all approach, rather than tailoring each proposal to the specific grant’s requirements.
  • Failing to follow up on submitted proposals or missing opportunities for clarification.

By avoiding these common mistakes, nonprofit organizations can significantly improve their chances of securing valuable marketing grants to further their causes. Each proposal should be carefully crafted, thoroughly researched, and aligned with the grant’s criteria and objectives.