How We Increased Site Visits by 53% in 6 Months

Meet Stillpoint Studies

Today’s case study is Stillpoint Studies, an Aromatherapy school located in Sedona, Arizona. Since 2010, they’ve taught students essential oil chemistry, energetics, folklore, and the synergy between those topics. At Stillpoint Aromatics, the instructors curate high-quality essential oils, carriers and accessories.

The Goal: Increased Traffic and Lead Generation

Stillpoint Studies holds classes throughout the year, ranging from Weekend Workshops to intensive Aromatherapy Certification Programs. The primary goal of our engagement was to increase the number of students signing up for their in-person Aromatherapy classes.

We had our work cut out for us. Sub-optimal conversion rates and low traffic meant hitting traffic generation hard and ensuring that all content moved contacts through the funnel.


We knew we had a powerful tool to leverage — Stillpoint’s loyal fanbase on Facebook. Hesitant to “self-promote,” they had refrained from sharing links to their website on Facebook. We needed to ease into that space without putting off their fans. Though every tactic supported organic traffic growth, we focused heavily on making the most of that underutilized traffic and lead source.

The Strategy: Killer Content

In a space where ads and paid search are once more on the rise, content remains the most effective way to grow organic search rankings and meet potential leads where they are in the funnel.

Stillpoint’s existing fan base and low traffic made them perfect candidates for a content-heavy inbound marketing strategy.

We began the engagement with a deep dive into Stillpoint’s existing base of students, including interviews with alumni. After creating robust buyer personas, we had a clear picture of to whom we were speaking, and the information they were seeking.


The Tactics: Thoughtful Distribution

Content Creation

We tapped into the instructors’ unique knowledge to create premium content pieces once a month to give Stillpoint fans exclusive aromatherapy recipes.

  • 37.74% landing page conversion rate

Blog posts published once a week target long-tail keywords and topics relevant to today’s beginner and expert aromatherapists. Along with promoting search engine optimization, blog posts engage potential students and serve as an entrance point promote the premium content pieces.

  • 24 new blog posts published in 6 months


Through Monthly email newsletter we shared with exclusive recipes and shared upcoming classes, with messaging that engaged both current students and fans of Stillpoint.

  • 30.5% average open rate
  • 2.5% average click rate

Nurturing emails share exclusive recipes, videos, and introduce fans to relevant upcoming classes at Stillpoint Studies.

  • 49% average open rate
  • 16.8% average click rate

Social Engagement

We leveraged their existing Facebook following with increased posts, giveaways, infographics and surveys. We closely monitor engagement and replicate the kind of content that performs well.

  • 44.34% increase in traffic from social media

The Big Results

  • 32.25% increase in overall traffic from Q2 to Q3
  • 14.45% increase in revenue from Q2 to Q3
  • 150% increase in new contacts 
  • 110.86% increase in traffic from organic search

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