How Content Marketing Delivered 455 Warm Leads in One Month

Meet Invacare Top End Wheelchairs

Top End Wheelchair is a manufacturer of medal-winning sports wheelchairs that are sold globally. Since 1986, Top End has produced custom handcycles, basketball, tennis, and racing wheelchairs as well as custom everyday chairs for most of the top adaptive athletes in the world. The athletes they sponsor have won medals in the Paralympics every year since 1992.  

The Goal: Generate Leads for New Kids’ Handcycles

When Top End added children’s chairs to their product line, they needed to reach out to a new audience:  parents of children in wheelchairs who wanted a more active life than their everyday chair allowed. 

Finding a list of parents of children in wheelchairs is tough, so we needed to produce a piece of premium content that would be worthy of their email address, and one that would be shared far and wide to reach Invacare’s international audience.  

The Strategy: Focus on the Parents

While we knew we needed to get in front of parents, we wanted to give them something their kids would also enjoy. The landscape of media aimed at child adaptive athletes is slim; there are very few places children can see someone like them as a hero.  

So we created a set of coloring book style pages featuring Top End adaptive athletes in their chairs.  The pages promoted Top End wheelchairs while showing these kids some realistic role models that look more like them.


The Tactics: Social Sharing

Premium Content

Our illustrator took photos from the Invacare team and drew nicely outlined versions that the kids could color in like a coloring book.  We left the background intentionally blank and encouraged kids to fill in a setting where the athlete might be — a race track, a basketball court, and other sports-like settings.


Blogs were a source of traffic for both organic traffic and current readers. We created blogs targeting the keywords ‘children’s wheelchairs’ and add CTAs to download the coloring book to each relevant blog.


We promoted the coloring book content to current leads through the monthly newsletter. We also sent 3 nurturing emails, with the final email promoting the children’s wheelchair.  By the time the parents got that final email, they were completely convinced they needed to get their child into adaptive sports by means of buying a handcycle.  (The last email in the series had a 35% click rate — astronomical!)


Social Engagement

The biggest win came from social media. Once posted, fans of Top End started sharing the post like crazy, resulting in over 1500 total shares (and still growing as we continue to post).

We’ve since added 3 more pages to the coloring set, and continue to promote the campaign through social and email, and plan to add more every quarter.

The Results