Big Sea Wins Sustainable Business Award

We are so proud to announce that Big Sea was presented with a Sustainable Business Award from The Sustany Foundation in the Small Business Category!

Since 2008, The Sustany Foundation has recognized local businesses that practice environmental concerns and improve the city and community around them. Their Sustainable Business Award evaluates nominated businesses in all areas of sustainability: people, planet, and profits.


The award was decided after Big Sea was nominated by a community member. After going through a lengthy application process and a few phone interviews, members of The Sustany Foundation visited our office to assess Big Sea’s sustainable business standards. After evaluating our working environment, they agreed that our office is created with keeping our environmental impact low, employee morale high, and business success in mind.

What does “sustainable” mean, exactly?

Sustainability is a core value of Big Sea’s (“Think long-term.”). It’s something we take very seriously in regard to the work we produce, the company we keep, the people we hire, and the planet we live on.

We contribute to the community with countless work on behalf of local non-profits and community organizations. We sustain our people by creating a culture that people want to be a part of, and benefits that keep them happy and healthy.

And of course, we take environmental sustainability very seriously, too.

Even though we’ve recently moved out of the Net Zero energy building we grew up in and loved, our new office is as eco-friendly as possible. To reduce the trash we make, we use reusable cups, plates, bowls, and silverware, and we use washable towels over paper towels. If we do need to throw something away, we can recycle it in one of the many recycling bins throughout our building. We keep lights off where we can, and rely on natural light when it’s sunny. In our day-to-day work, we don’t use paper when something can be done electronically.

Thank you so much to The Sustany Foundation for the honor to be named a sustainable business, and congratulations to the other winners.


We love meeting like-minded businesses

“This is the second time I’ve attended the Sustainable Business Awards ceremony and I appreciate like-minded people and organizations coming together to recognize companies who are walking the sustainability walk – finding innovative ways to incorporate sustainability practices throughout their business,” says Chasity Scoggins, Project Manager at Big Sea. “Not only do I think it is important to recognize and promote these behaviors, but this has become a wonderful resource for sharing ideas.”